New Scotland (Nova Scotia)

[Provincial Tartan of New Scotland (Nova Scotia)] Tartan of New Scotland (Nova Scotia); Click to enlarge [jpeg:10K]

Did it ever occur to you that the Creator may have left this little sea-girt peninsula until the last? That He may have reserved for it many of the treasures of His workshop? That after He finished His great masterpiece, He may have spent aeons in moulding those features of this Province which possess such delicacy of beauty, such sublety of charm that, travel the the whole world over, we find them unexcelled, and without peer?
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Origin of New Scotland (Nova Scotia)

Crest of New Scotland (Nova Scotia)

Shield of Arms of New Scotland (Nova Scotia)

Flag of New Scotland (Nova Scotia)

Tartan of New Scotland (Nova Scotia)

The Mayflower -=- the Floral Emblem of New Scotland (Nova Scotia)

Yet still the blood is strong, the heart is highland

[New Scotland (Nova Scotia) -=- Where the Heart is Still Highland!]
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