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Dunblane Memorial

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The Infamous Duke of Sutherland
stands on a 70 foot plinth, overlooking the Seas
upon which he drove his loyal clansfolks away.
The salt air blowing off the same Seas that remember
he forced even them to comply in his sadistic greed -=-
does it erode his sandstone statue quickly enough?

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The Stone of Destiny: -
Captivity in Edinburgh, of a stone destined to wander,
is no better than captivity in Westminster.

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Over the Sea to Skye -- At a Cost!
The Drive for Justice: Skye and Kyle Against Tolls

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Part of Edinburgh Castle Grounds Were Deemed Part of Nova Scotia
for the ancient ceremony of Earth and Stone.
Does the plaque show the true location of the ceremony?
Was it not instead beside St. Margaret's Chapel,
within the historic walls of Edinburgh Castle?

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Kirking of the Tartan -=- Honoured Ceremony in New Scotland
It is said to have been part of church services after Culloden,
when Highland Scots were forbidden to wear Highland Dress.
But, did it really take place then?

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Tartan Day -=- Does it have roots in Scotland?
Or, is is a local cultural day in Canada and the USA?
Is it a spurious event? If so, what is its purpose?

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