{*} Memorial to Dunblane
The whole world reels from the tragedy at Dunblane, Scotland
9:30 am, Wednesday morning, 13th March 1996.

{*} One Year On [13th March 1997] {*} Permanent Memorial to Dunblane {*}
At Highlander Web Magazine, Scotland

The Dunblane Tartan Ribbon Appeal
In Memory of Those Who Died in the Dunblane Massacre


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Memorial Services for the children of Dunblane
were held in the (Canadian) Maritime provinces:
{+} Knox Presbyterian Church, Baddeck, Nova Scotia
{+} Presbyterian Church, Dunblane, Prince Edward Island

Sunday services in churches throughout Canada, including Nova Scotia,
involved prayers and memorials surrounding the tragedy in Dunblane.

An account of the Dunblane Tragedy is on:
Dunblane Web Page
Courtesy the Tartan Pages and Scotweb, Scotland

Personal Memorials to the Children and their Teacher

First month anniversary of the tragedy

At 12:00 noon, 13 April 1996
The Pipers Pay Tribute

Pipers in all parts of the world will play "Amazing Grace"
And observe a Minute of Silence
In memory of the children and their teacher.

(Initiated by Bigit Gonzales, former student of Dunblane Primary)

First annual commemoration of the tragedy

13 March 1997
While Scots and their friends around the world sadly reflect,
quiet ceremonies and remembrances
take place in Dunblane, Scotland.

Had these children lived, they might have changed the world.

{@} Sir William Alexander was born in Menstrie, near Dunblane.
Among his accomplishments are:
Translation of King James Bible (for King James) from Hebrew and Greek
The Founding of New Scotland (Nova Scotia) which we call home.

{@} Alexander Graham Bell was born in Edinburgh, also near Dunblane.
At age 14 years, he invented a popular method for hulling oats.
Later, he invented the telephone; its wires bring this website to you

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In Memory of Dunblane

A Tribute by Martin Burns: PA NewsCentre, UK

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Craig Cockburn, a native of Dunblane living in Edinburgh,
offers another tribute at Dunblane, Perthshire

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Dunblane Primary School looks to the future:

Dunblane Primary School Home Page

We started planning this web page at the school, full of enthusiasm and laughter on the evening of the 12th March. Despite all that has happened, we owe it to our children and ourselves to continue in that same spirit.

{@} The Tartan of Dunblane, Scotland {@}

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