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*** Updated January 25, 2022 ***

*** Various CCN services were down today due to a power supply failure in one of our main servers. We have replaced the
power supply and all CCN services should now be working again.

*** CCN will be performing further reconfiguration of equipment on the evening of January 26th. We will be starting at
around 4:00 PM and continuing for four to six hours. During this time period any and all CCN services may go down or
become unstable. We will try to complete the work as quickly as possible and minimize any interruptions.

*** To get in touch with CCN please first check the CONTACT US section of our webpage. This is the ONLY place to find our
current contact information. Google or any other source may be inaccurate or out of date.

*** Your CCN password is private, never give it to anyone.

*** All emails that ask for your CCN password are scams. CCN will never send you an email asking for your password.