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November 1998 FreeNews


          In this day and age you can do virtually anything via the internet. But the least likely I would have ever considered is sex. From the moment I learned the ins and outs of the "net" I was seduced into the world of cybersex. Over the coming issues I'd like to share some of the experiences I've had in the chat rooms that have escalated from talking with someone there to email, and then finally to meeting some of these people in real life.

          When I'm in the mood for a little play with someone on IRC, I like to pick a nick that is enticing, something along the lines of Sexy, or Seductress - something that will get me attention promptly. Then I like to start up a private channel, maybe call it Arousal. You get the picture.

          Sometimes I'll invite more then one person in, get things really steamy. It seems so easy for most I've had the pleasure of cybersexing with, to just let things come naturally. Also, depending on my mood, I can take up any role I'd like and never lack partners to play the game. As an example, after inviting someone into my chat room, you might kiss but, the words displayed across the screen are so much more then just a kiss and your imagination soars with it.

          I might say "Sexy touches your arm and pulls you closer, my lips brushing gently across yours, my tongue lightly caressing your lips and softly probing." I don't know about any of you but that certainly gets my libido up and going! Or, I may decide to be a dominatrix and immediately tell them to get on their knees and lick my boots. It can get quite detailed. From there it seems so natural to undress each other, doing it slowly or passionately or roughly, making the person sitting at their screen really feel what you're feeling.

          Many people do masturbate while indulging in this and I know I certainly have. To be able to tell whomever I'm with that I would like to sit back and play with myself, as I watch them tell me what they would be doing to me is exciting. Then I can reverse and do for them.

          I enjoy getting to know people first in the chat area. It gives you a chance to feel them out (so to speak), to know a bit more of what they're about before we get down and dirty. Of course, sometimes being spontaneous and not actually knowing anything about the other(s) can be just as stimulating!

          I think one of my most enjoyable times (actually, there are many, but this one is an example of spontaneity) was when myself, another female and a male went into a channel together. Talk about reaching a climactic moment! It is well known that it is every man's fantasy to be with two women. And the only chance this fellow probably had was on IRC.

          I didn't know either of these people very well. I believe I had chatted infrequently with them from time to time, not on a channel but simply sending messages back and forth. When we decided to slip into a channel, it really hadn't been intended to start something but the male seemed quite eager and began to caress this other girl.

          I merely watched this appear on my screen for a few moments but figured, Hey! This is beginning to stir things in me; I'm gonna have some fun. We quite literally got into a rather erotic threesome merely by using words to stimulate each other!

          Anyway, if you've been considering exploring some of your wild side but still staying on the mild side, the chat lines are a way to stay safe yet stimulated. The IRC is the electronic frontier of safe sex.


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