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          All Chebucto account holders are alotted a certain amount of disk space that can be used for composing a web page. This space starts at just under 500 Kb in size and goes up from there, depending on what kind of account you sign up for. Some of our users have taken their disk space and arranged information and links together for the whole world to view and enjoy. Others keep it low-key by not subscribing to search engines, or not using <meta> tags in their HTML code. For those that have not made a web page, but might be considering it, there is no reason to wait any longer. All it takes is a little HTML (see the notes on HTML at the bottom of this page).

          You can dedicate your web page to almost any subject of interest under the sun. Do you have a hobby, sport, information, or any other talent that you would like to share with the rest of the world? Some people are even finding out that it can lead to career opportunities, with online résumés, or just plain old good exposure for their field of expertise. Below are a few CCN user profiles that you can view to learn more about starting one up, or in the very least, to find some good bookmarks.



          Shelley Clee's Wedding Page <ah054> Lynx users will have to follow the second link for non-JavaScript browsers. Otherwise Shelley has composed a very nice site that is focused on brides and grooms to be, their weddings and almost everything else that goes along with it. You can find a ton of useful tips and secrets for planning what may be the most important day of your life. So stop on by and find all about the love that can go into creating your own web page. Meanwhile I have to run, I think that I can hear wedding bells ringing.

          Susan Fearn's Web Page <aj238> Starts off with a look at Bid.com and moves onto an interesting look at her bookmarks which gets pretty intense. Among other things, Susan has composed a huge recipe resource section that will feed your hunger for fine foods. There is plenty of information on this site to keep you going, so what are you waiting for? Click away and venture in through the doors of Susan's page.

          Diane Cooper <ag151> This page is composed with a few of the most unique links that are hosted with Chebucto Community Net. Stop by and visit, you just might find something that you did not know you were looking for; all the information here is yours for the taking. Visit such areas as her resources link, or see some strange recipes that might not be found anywhere else. This page would be another good example for putting your own together. You just won't know until you check it out for yourself.

          Janet MacKay's Scottish Heritage Another Chebucto Community Net user suggested this page be featured in memory of the author, Janet MacKay. Janet was a very important figure with CCN with among other things, being one of the founders of the Information Providers group at Chebucto and the author of the above web page. Come in and learn more about the heritage of Nova Scotia. Be a part of the most visited page on CCN and possibly the busiest in the province. We have lost a valuable member of our society, but she left us with this gem to remind us of her.

          Leland Harvie's Genealogy Links <ab018> I personally feel as if a page does not have to be huge to be good. Like this page, it can be a collection of a few good links that will take you to the information packed sites. If you need to know who you are, a stop by here might be a good place to get started. Leland also informs me that she is the I.P. editor for the Genealogial Association of N.S. on CCN. She also looks after the N.S. Genealogy Community College's page, which these links point to. Many hours can be spent following the links of this page for the research of family names.

          Ambros Prechtl, ND <aj086> This page is a must see. There are a number of links concerning health without drugs or doctors. It does not stop there, plenty more very well put together links on all kinds of subjects and interests. Drop by and visit other such areas as the Polyglot Corner, Top 1000, Nefertiti's Site, The Reading Corner and much much more. Ambros is also a former teacher at St. Patrick's High School in Halifax of Latin, German, Spanish and English, about 20 years ago. He would like anyone from CCN, or otherwise that remembers him to drop him an email.

          S. M. Mandaville <limnos> One of the first links off this page goes to a bookmark file, which is one of the best displays of links I've ever seen. It promises to keep you busy for hours with its vast number of topics. The excitement doesn't stop there, but it could take as long to describe this site as it must have taken to compose. Stop on by and see for yourself, gosh knows we are all looking for a new space to hang out for a while. You might even come up with a few ideas to start your own web page.


          If you decide to spruce up your profile, there's some things you should remember. You can't just write the file like you would write a document in a word processor. You have to write it in a format called HTML and other optional internet languages.

          If you primarily use Netscape or IE to surf the net, make sure that the page also looks good with Lynx, the browser that CCN uses. Read these tips on how to make your profile Lynx compatible while still using graphics and all the bells and whistles. If you use Lynx, try to make sure that your profile looks good with Netscape and IE when placing color, fonts, alignment and so on.


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