Women As CCN Volunteers

Sharon Parker
Treasurer and Board Member
Chebucto Community Net


          If you take a look at the team of volunteers who work on behalf of Chebucto, you might be inclined to think that Chebucto Community Net is a male-dominated organization. Even our office presence, traditionally female in the wider community, is male at Che bucto. So where are the women? Does Chebucto have any women volunteers?

          Yes, we have women volunteers, and I am one of them; a member of the Board and Treasurer of CCN. When I first came onboard as a volunteer, I had the idea that Chebucto volunteers must have a résumé stacked with computer expertise. After all, Chebucto is a community internet provider, isnít it? However in my time as a member of the Board, Iíve learned that there is much more to Chebucto Community Net than is first apparent. Chebucto is also a charitable organization; our mission is to benefit the community by delivering universal internet access. This mission can only be achieved by a dynamic business-oriented approach. The business of Chebucto thrives through the efforts of its well-organized volunteer network.

          The parts of the volunteer network where you find most of Chebuctoís women are outside of the realm of the machine room. We have capable and dedicated women working behind the scenes on the Chebucto Board of Directors, on the Chebucto Beacon newsletter, a nd participating in Chebuctoís fundraising efforts.

          In actuality, being a volunteer is a mutual relationship. Since joining the Board, I have enjoyed "talking up" Chebucto to friends and acquaintances, selling the idea and philosophy behind a community net. Chebucto Board members act as ambassadors for Che bucto in the community at large.

          So what is the motivation for serving in the capacity of member of the Board? Personally, I am drawn by the challenge of contributing to a dynamic and young organization with tremendous growth potential. The burgeoning development of computer technology continually makes new possibilities available and makes Chebucto's purpose more timely than ever. I can mark the years Iíve been with Chebucto by the amazingly rapid changes in the internet and in the computer world in general. Who would have thought that Chebucto would be able to offer full graphical access before the year 2000?

          I get a lot out of Chebucto, from viewing the organization at work, reading the Beacon, and helping with the accounts and day-to-day operations. In return for this rich exposure, all I have to do is show up at Board meetings every third Tuesday evening and spend some time on weekends with the Chebucto numbers. Best of all I participate on a daily basis in the ongoing dialogue and dynamic of Chebucto.

          Chebucto Community Net survives and thrives on the input of its volunteers. We welcome volunteers. Consider it.


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