Converting PostScript to Adobe Illustrator EPS

Given a suitable PostScript interpreter, many PostScript files can be converted to Adobe Illustrator EPS using Jason Olszewski's aimaker utility. Illustrator format EPS can be used with the majority of professional drawing packages (Corel Draw, Adobe Illustrator, Freehand, etc.). The Adobe Illustrator EPS format is well documented.

George White has modified Jason's original scripts for use with the Korn shell, Adobe DPS interpreters, and OS/2. George has added an option to support conversion of fonts to outline paths. These changes affect two files, the aimaker shell script and

  • Jason Olszewski's ps2ai utility (part of Ghostscript).
  • Jason Olszewski's aimaker.
  • George White's modified versions of Jason's files:
  • aimaker.cmd for OS/2
  • Note on creating outline paths

    The Aladdin Ghostscript interpreter does not accurately reproduce the outline paths for small font sizes. If you use aimaker with a DPS interpreter, there is no problem. If you want to use ghostscript with small font sizes, you should scale the input document (a factor of 8 works well with most TeX documents). When you import the document into Illustrator, the following steps will let you edit the file:
    1. select all,
    2. cut,
    3. paste (these steps ensure that the artwork is centered in the screen, otherwise it may not be visible), and
    4. scale to the desired final size.

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