FMO discovery - October 13, 2005

My first FMO discovery. Image of the object as it appeared on down the downloaded images. The next image shows it's orbit in the Solar System. Image created by Dr. Marco Langbroek

On Oct.14: The Minor Planet Center has now give the asteroid it's official name: 2005 TV51

Object Name: 2005 TV51

Close Approach Date: 2005-Oct-14

Miss Distance (AU): 0.0106

Miss Distance (LD): 4.1

Estimated Diameter*: 14 m - 31 m

Relative Velocity (km/sec): 9.62

1 AU = ~150 million kilometers

1 LD = Lunar Distance = ~384,000 kilometers

* Diameter estimates based on the object's absolute magnitude.

Thanks to Spacewatch, The Lunar and Planetary Laboratory, and the University of Arizona for permission to use the images. The images are copyright (c)2005 by the Arizona Board of Regents.