Ryan Baker <aa180>

Hi! My name is Ryan Baker and you are welcome to take a look around my Home Page. You won't find any enhanced pages here.... not enough space. You will find a lot of links to some interesting places, so browse around.

My interests:
include Kodokan Judo which I have been studying and coaching for about 13 years, Uechi Ryu Karate which I have been studying for about four years, Sailing when I can find the time and a boat, and computers when all those other interests don't interfere.

If you have any comments or links you think I may be interested in adding, mail can be sent to: aa180@chebucto.ns.ca

These are the subject pages on my Homepage. They each contain further links to other interesting sites. Either scroll through this page, or click on one of these links to take you directly to the appropriate place:
The Judo Nova Scotia Home Page| The Rhonda Page| Other Peoples Homepages Page| The Current Events Page| The Cooking Page| The Surfn Page| The Math & Science Page| The Social Studies Page| The Internet Tools Page| The Web Info Page| The Education Page| The Media Page| The Law and Order Page| The Military and Government Page| The Self Defence Page| Health, Sports & Fitness Page| Hobbies and Pastimes| The Entertainment Page| The Corporate Page| The Software and Files Page| The Graphics Page| The Miscellaneous Page| Cool Site of the Day|

Here is the Home Page of Judo Nova Scotia

Rhonda Page- This page is produced for a particular Rhonda. You know who you are.

Homepages- Check out some other to get some ideas for your own... or just to find some other areas of interest. Just remember to come back!

Current Events- It will change from time to time depending on what events (good or bad) are currently making the headlines, or are just ummm...... current.

Cooking Page- "Prepared" especially for C. and P. Hopefully you will find some useful links, although a visit to the Fitness Page may be in order if you indulge here too often.

Surfing Page- Longboard or shortboard, it's all surfing. Just shut up, paddle out, get in those barrels and carve.

The Math & Science Page- If you don't think that Science can be interesting, check this page out. Photos from the Space Shuttle, Environment Canada, US Bureau of Mines, even an on-line computer dictionary. All kinds of places to go.

Social Explorations Page- Social Studies, hmmm...... sounds dull but if you go here you can visit Monash University in Australia, visit the Canada Page, even visit Antarctica. Almost as good as hopping in my Lear Jet and going there (Yea Right!)

Internet Tools- Here are some Tools to help search the Net, and find your own links around the world.

Web Info Page- If you want more information on making up HTML documents, Mosaic, Netscape or any other WWW info.

Educational Links- You may find some of this stuff useful. You will find things like Roget's Thesaurus, On-Line Books, K-12 Resources, hard to tell where education and just plain fun intersect :)

Media Page- You will find the media resources on the net useful and informative. Check out newspapers, and other media sources from all over the world.

Law and Order Page- If Law Enforcement, the Justice System, or the Law is your interest, enter here.

Military and Government Page- More Military and Government links appear on the web all the time. Sometimes there is an amazing amount of data to be had.

Self Defence, Martial Arts, and Assault Prevention

Sports & Fitness & Health- You may find a few links to some interesting activities in the areas of Sports, Fitness, Recreation, and Health.

Hobbies & Pastimes- You may find some interesting activities to do while you recover from my gruelling Sports Page.

The Entertainment Page- Some links to various entertainment related locations, audio, visual, or just strange.

Corporate Page Every day more companies are adding sites of their own to the Internet.

Software and Files Page- You may find some sites for programs, utilities, information and perhaps even a few games.

Graphics Page- contains all kinds of graphics - ascii, gif, and many other formats.

Miscellaneous Bin- For links I haven't found a permanent place for.

By the way, if you are recreating do not miss The Cool Site of the Day