Brian Campbell


16 Esdaile Avenue Apt 5
Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada
B2Y 3N4
(902) 463-2015

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    1. Amiga!
    2. Some IRC sites
    3. Internet Search Tools
    4. Chebucto Community Net
    5. Commercial WWW sites
    6. Some sites for your entertainment
    7. BBSes via Telnet
    8. Some other home pages
    9. Other computer platforms
    10. Aminet Sites worldwide


  • Midnight BBS via Telnet or FTP
  • IRC BBS that takes a few weeks to be verified
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    Internet Search Tools

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    Amiga stuff

    1. The Amiga WEB Directory
    2. Aminet UK
    3. New Amiga stuff in the last few days
    4. USA (MO) Aminet
    5. CD32-FAQs
    6. Demon Amiga public
    7. Video Backup System
    8. Jumbo File Base
    9. UAE stuff Kickstart 3.0 ROM

    10. RTFact's Amiga search engine

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    Chebucto Community Net stuff

    1. Telnet (Type open to start)
    2. FTP
    3. Check my Visitation Statistics!
    4. Metro transit Bus Schedule
    7. Phone book directory
    8. Demon Internet
    9. St Mary's Supernova find
    10. CCN via telnet

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    1. Wonder Computer (Canada)
    2. Carl Industries
    3. National Amiga Catalog (Canada)
    4. Computer Shopper
    5. DigiKey Components
    6. Hi-Tech Components
    7. MT&T's internet service
    8. All Electronics Corp.
    9. NECX want ads
    10. Electrified Discounters

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  • The Red Green Show
  • The Rankin's Home page!
  • Bravo

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    Telnet BBSes

  • HotCity BBS
  • GZero BBS

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    Other People's Home Pages

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    Other computer stuff

    The following servers support WWW so far:
    USA (MO)             Main Aminet site 
    USA (WI)            Complete mirror, full WWW support 
    Switzerland              4000 files mirror, full WWW support 
    UK          Complete mirror 
    Germany    Complete mirror, full WWW support 
    Germany       15000 files mirror, custom WWW 
    Germany            Selective mirror, custom WWW 
    Germany     2300 files mirror full WWW support 
    Germany            WWW frontend to all Aminet sites 
    Italy              Complete mirror, full WWW support 
    Australia       Complete mirror, full WWW support 
    Hungary Selective mirror, full WWW support 
    Czech Rep.       Selective mirror, full WWW support 

    Aminet mirror page / Urban Müller

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