Elizabeth F. McKay

I was born in Nova Scotia in 1982 and have lived there for most of my life, except for 1983 when I spent a year in England (not that I remember much about that) and in 1990, when I lived for a year in Tsukuba Japan, which I remember very well. I attended Shannon Elementary School and now attend Prince Arthur Junior High School in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. In Japan, I attended Teshirogi Minami Shyougakko.

I have a brother Robert who goes to Dartmouth High School.

My mother works in the local public library and also, along with my father, runs a business in making haggis and in doing geophysics .

Recently I have been helping to put together a report on the Environment for the Junior Summit, which met in Tokyo last fall. Also available on the summit server

If you are interested in environment stuff, you can see my collection of links about that.

You can send E_mail to me
now or you may wish to note my address which is aa589@ccn.cs.dal.ca

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