General Bowyer 1800-1803

A quite successful Halifax privateer ship under the command of a Liverpool captain. She was originally an American built-privateer intended to be sold to the French or Spanish and sailed against the British. However she was captured on her first voyage and bought by a small group of Halifax merchants, who renamed her after the commander of the Halifax garrision.

Crew: 80
Tonnage: 135
Rig: full rigged ship
Prizes Taken: 7
Armament: 14 guns (6 pdrs.)
Captains: Thomas Burnaby
Homeport: Halifax
Letter of Marque Issued: Dec. 20, 1800
Owners: William & John Woodins, James Creighton Jr.
Built: August 1800 in Salisbury, Massachusetts as Brutus. Captured by Halifax privateer schooner Earl of Dublin and renamed General Bowyer in November, 1800.

Sources: Conlin, A Private War

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