Sir John Sherbrooke 1813-1814

"The Pride of the Province" - This brig was the largest Canadian privateer in the War of 1812. Her large size and short but distinguished career are believed to have inspired the line from Barrett's Privateers: "I wish I was in Sherbrooke now". Aside from capturing a substancial number of American vessels, she made an important contribution to the defence of Nova Scotian waters. She ended the career of two American raiders, capturing the privateer schooner General Plumer and helping destroy the famous privateer schooner Young Teazer. Sherbrooke also supplied important re-enforcements to HMS Shannon just prior to Shannon's famous defeat of the USS Chesapeake. However, her large size required a constant supply of large prizes to pay expenses and the virtual destruction of America's merchant fleet deprived her of suitable prey. She was converted to a merchant ship in 1814. No longer a well-armed privateer she was captured by Syren, a large American privateer and burned on Oct. 27, 1814, a few days before Syren was also burned when cornered by the Royal Navy.

Crew: 150
Tonnage: 278
Rig: brig
Prizes Taken: 18
Armament: 18 guns (9 pdrs)
Captains: Joseph Freeman

Homeport: Liverpool

Letter of Marque Issued: Feb. 11, 1813

Owners: J. Freeman, Enos Collins, John Barss, Joseph. Barss, Benjamin Knaut

Built: Originally US privateer Thorn from Marblehead captured by the Royal Navy in 1812.

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