Retrieve 1813-1814

From the agricultural regions, far up the Bay of Fundy, this small privateer from Windsor shows how wide the popularity of privateering had spread. She retrieved a respectable and profitable haul of prizes before being captured by the large American privateer Fox in 1814.

Crew: 40
Tonnage: 55
Rig: Schooner
Armament: 8 guns (one 9 pdr and four carriage cannon plus two 12 pdr carronades, 40 muskets, 10 pistols)
Homeport: Windsor, NS
Letter of Marque Issued: May 21, 1813
Captains: Silas Crane, William Allen (1813), William Young (1814) Owners: Silas Crane, William Young of Falmouth, Thos. Leonard and Messrs. Starr and Shannon of Halifax
PrizesTaken: 6
Sources: p. 232, Under the Red Jack, C.H.J. Snider 1986.

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