Halifax Area Record Stores

Downtown Halifax


Suburban Halifax

- Not really a record store but if you're a member and are looking for a new release they'll have a pretty good price.

- Also not really a record store but for new releases their prices often can't be beat.




- One of my two favourite record stores (the other is Taz). The owners know their stuff and are very approachable.New and used CDs & DVDs, used cassettes, used video tapes and discs and tons of vinyl - LPs and singles. Also some brand new vinyl. This store is well worth the trip out to Bedford. While there, have lunch at The Chicken Burger diner & take out. You'll thank me later!

A Note from Jim: When I visit a new city the first thing I do is pop open the yellow pages and figure out where all the record stores are located. Then I drag my wife around to each and every one of them! In the process we find areas that we may have never visited and end up seeing the "real" city. This page is dedicated to my fellow record collectors. Welcome to my city!