CIH virus related links:

News and Information about the virus:

  1. Virus Alert - Win32/CIH -- Dr Solomons
  2. Data Fellows' Virus Information Pages: CIH
  3. Win95.CIH
  4. No cure for next generation virus
  5. CIH virus to strike this Sunday (referring to July 26, 1998)
  6. US Report: Gamers believe Activision's 'SiN' carries CIH virus
  7. BT's Wireplay hit by CIH virus
  8. CIH virus nearly infects thousands of users
  9. Virus rumor overblown

From the alt.comp.virus newsgroup:

You might want to read some Usenet postings about the CIH virus shortly after it was first discovered.

Some antivirus companies handling it:

Note: the omission of any company from this list does not necessarily mean that their antivirus product(s) cannot handle the CIH virus. It just means that I have not found a specific reference about it and do not have the time for an exhaustive search.

  1. AVP --
  2. Information in English -- Norman Antivirus.
  3. F-PROT Anti-Virus Home Page.

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