"Carmlo", the Net-Kook!

I was minding my own business, strolling through the news.admin.net-abuse.usenet newsgroup when I ran across this plea:

(The original article had been superseded by one of the forged cancel messages generated by the net-abuser HipCrime.)

I decided to wander over to alt.pagan and have a look. What I found was a multitude of abusive messages posted to that newsgroup. I looked up the appropriate contact address for abuse reports to annco.com at the http://www.abuse.net/ web site and fired off this message to johnf@annco.com and also posted it to the abused newsgroups:

My posting generated a few replies:

At this point, my original post and the followups to it started disappearing from the newsserver even though none of the surrounding articles were touched. The only explanation I can think of is that somebody was selectively forging "cancel" messages for them. My original post, Raelin's post, and Aazari's post had all disappeared from the news server and I never got to see Raven's post on the server at all. I only found it later on DejaNews.

I posted a reply to virtuouspagan's post and then reposted my original article (crossposting both of them to news.admin.net-abuse.usenet and hoping that "Dave the Resurrector" wasn't too busy with HipCrime supersedes to repost these if they get cancelled):

Eventually, I received three replies concerning my query about Furbys and, by the time the last of those arrived at the news server, all of the previous posts to that thread were gone -- including my Furby query and my repost. (I guess DtR was too busy to repost them.)

The whole thread can be seen on Google in case there are additional followups after this page is typed.

A check with DejaNews indicated that this kook's harrassment is a regular thing with him. He has done it before on a fairly regular every six months basis since early 1997. His abusive visits were so regular that someone even wrote a "Caramello FAQ" about it. However, I could find no evidence of any other posts in response to his abuse being cancelled. I can only conclude that my post struck a nerve somewhere with him. It seems he thrives on abuse but doesn't like being laughed at.

Just for you, Carmlo:

Great! If my post and the followups upset him that much then I must have been doing something right. Just for that, I am making the entire record of this a permanent part of my web site so the whole world can see how stupid he is and have a good laugh at his expense.

I am also starting a page for Pagans, just to irritate him even more. (For a non-violent person, I can be a really nasty b*stard when I want to badly enough.)

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