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(Old goats not turned down either)

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Find what you are looking for with Yahooligans! If you can't use pictures, then try Text-Only Yahooligans!

Learning can be fun!

Visit Billy Bear's Playground and download their free DOS game
BillyBear Storybook: Billy Bear Learns How to Sign which teaches you some sign language. The DOS versions of some of their games are now free. You can read more about "Billy Bear Learns How to Sign" at
KD PC Download.



Pretend to be a cat and go on a search for your lost owners in the adventure, "HAIRBALL!".

Places to Visit

The Canadian children's magazine, "Owl" now has a nest in cyberspace.

Is the rumour ("rumor" for Americans) true that four out of five dentists recommend Colgate Kid's World?

From IBM comes The Electric Origami Shop -- more than just paper-folding. Most items on this site require a graphical browser.

Get out your colouring books! The makers of Crayola crayons want you to visit their web site.

Fox Broadcasting network has updated their site. They can now be found at Their new site, however, is even more graphically oriented than before so those with text browsers will find it more difficult to get anything from it.

Club Web has something for the whole family according to "internet WORLD" magazine but mostly lots of stuff for the kids in the family. The link that they gave, "" originally did NOT work with the Lynx browser BUT has been changed lately and now appears to give you the same thing as the link above. You may also find yourself restricted with the Lynx browser when moving around their pages as many OTHER links require graphical browsers to navigate. Selecting some links just gets you a blank page with Lynx as the navigation is performed by an "auto load" Netscape command that is probably used for animation of their site. Lynx ignores that and displays the rest of the page which is NOTHING! Try anyway, as they seem to be changing for the better.

Parents, you might want to visit Mr. Rogers to learn about him and his TV show. Discover some activities that you can entertain and encourage your younger children with.

Life isn't always perfect. Read about the good and the bad as seen by a ten-year-old boy named Sam. Visit his pages at:

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