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I have now found several sites for or sponsored by the RCMP.

Child CyberSEARCH Home Page

If you visit the home page of Child CyberSearch at http://www.childcybersearch.org/ then you can choose to search in English or en Français. Join them in observing May 25, 1997 as Missing Children's Day.


If the Missing Children Registry above was interesting, check out the web site for the North American Missing Children Association Inc. [new address]. You can also contact them at: namca@namca.com [new address].

The Missing Children's Network Canada.

Another database to search.

The FBI.

Are YOU on their ten most-wanted list?

While the FBI may have many successes to their credit, they can sometimes take things too seriously. Their frequent lack of a sense of humour and their occasional inability to see a joke can sometimes lead to their making some really embarrassing mistakes.

Are you an X-Files fan? If so, you might want to look at the real thing -- "Animal/Cattle Mutilation", "Project Blue Book", "Roswell", and "Unidentified Flying Objects" are included in these reports. You can download the FBI reports on Unusual Phenomena [NEW URL] directly from the FBI web site. Note: the files are in PDF form and require you to have the Adobe Acrobat reader to view them. However, Adobe has a page with a form that will extract the text from a PDF file that you provide a URL for and will convert it to an HTML page.

This spot seems as good a place as any to quote an example of haiku spotted in a newsgroup:

UFOs are real.
The United States Air Force
is not really there.

Younger visitors to this page might want to make a detour and pay a visit to the FBI Kids & Youth Educational Page.

The CIA.

[That's the Central Intelligence Agency, not to be confused with The Canadian Institute of Actuaries [english]/[français] (new URLs) or the Culinary Institute of America.]

Some sites take a long time to view as it takes a long time for the graphics to be downloaded to your viewer. This site sometimes takes a long time to make the initial connection. A friend suggested that maybe they have to trace the call before letting you look at their site. Hmmm? .... (By the way, did you know that the CIA has its own day-care centre?)

Halifax Regional Police Department.

Find out whether YOU are on their "Five Most Wanted" list! (There is not enough crime in Halifax for a "Ten Most Wanted" list.) They've done it again -- the Halifax Police Department has moved their web-site once more. The link, "http://www.atcon.com/HPD/hpd.htm" no longer works. They've also changed their name as they merged with the Dartmouth Police Department. Now you can find them at "http://www.mtt.net/hrps/".

Sûreté du Québec.

(They don't like it any more when someone calls them "The Québec Provincial Police." Now, you have to use Français.

Criminal Code of Canada

Attention, Canadian lawbreakers!

Don't be an amateur. Anyone can break the law. A real professional lawbreaker, however, also makes sure he or she knows which law he or she is breaking. Don't be embarrassed by not knowing. When you are thrown in jail, which sounds better, "I was arrested for indecent exposure." or "They got me on Section 173, Subsection 2 of the Criminal Code of Canada." and why do you think so?

I have found copies of the Criminal Code of Canada available in several forms on the Internet:

The Canadian Department of Justice.

One page on their site announces (shouts in capital letters) in its title: "Federal government proposes changes to meet the needs of persons with disabilities." New accessibility guidelines are to go in effect.

The American Department of Justice.

For those wanting to learn more about the Americans with Disabilities Act, the American Department of Justice ADA Home Page would be a good place to start.


NEWS! The National Federation of the Blind sues AOL.

Some Newsgroups of Interest:

Speaking of Criminology...

Knowledge Solutions (http://www.corpus-delicti.com/) has some interesting information, books, and on-line courses (for a fee) on Forensic Profiling. "What evil lurks in the heart of man? Only the Shadow knows." ... the Shadow and Knowledge Solutions, that is.

Viruses and the Law.

The web site of Doctor Solomon, of Doctor Solomon's Antivirus Toolkit fame, provided me with the address of a site with information on laws around the world on hacking and viruses. It's very informative but WHY does he lump Canada in as one of the states in the United States? Aaarrgh!!

Money isn't the only thing that may be counterfeit.

Protect Yourself Against Fraud.

Find out what scams are currently being used and protect yourself against them the only way that's practical -- with knowledge. I have found two sites with information on protecting yourself against fraud. They have very similar names. Don't get the two confused. Pay a visit to either one or both of these sites and learn to recognise a scam when you see one.

"Quack" doesn't always mean it's a duck.

How can you distinguish the legitimate medical treatment from the phoney one designed just to take your money? For one view on this subject, you might want to visit The QuackWatch Home Page. Make sure that that next diet plan you follow isn't designed to reduce the size of your wallet more than your waistline. Perhaps that "medical miracle" touted by that e-mail that sounds too good to be true is just too bad to be true.

Family Violence:

I wasn't sure whether Kathy's Resources on Parenting, Domestic Violence, Abuse, Trauma & Dissociation belonged on this page or my "Parents' Page" but finally decided to put it on both pages. Isn't that the typical Canadian solution, "When in doubt, compromise"?

The Web Law FAQ:

One thing to consider when designing your own web pages is the legality of what you put on your web site or download from others' web sites. The Oppedahl & Larson Patent Law Web Server is host to a file called the Web Law FAQ, which covers such subjects as "May I freely link to the Web sites of others?" and the propriety of using others' images on your site.

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