Eat, Drink, and be Merry!

Well ... drink anyway ...

If you are REALLY over the legal drinking age, you could pay a visit to the Labatt Breweries site. Note that the use of some features of the site require registration with them.

Maybe you might want to read the ratings of a total stranger before taking a sip. If so Mike's Beer Ratings might be interesting.

I used to have a link here to another Chebucto Community Net user's page on brewing but that has been taken down. As a temporary replacement, here's what Yahoo has on "brewing beer".

LCB Links:

Here are some URLs gleaned from the newsletter published by the Liquor Control Board of Nova Scotia. None of the sites are exceptionally lynx-friendly but some are worse than others as noted.

  1. Bailey's Irish Cream Liqueur. [Partially LYNX-HOSTILE] (links to some sections of the site require frames-capable browsers and some, but not all, pages use images for links with no ALT text)
  2. The Boddington's Brewery. [LYNX-HOSTILE] (uses frames)
  3. The Brewers Association of Canada. [LYNX-HOSTILE] (uses frames)
  4. The Epicurious Food & Drink Page.
  5. Freixenet Sparkling Wine.
  6. Gandia Wines.
  7. Goldschlager Cinnamon Liqueur.
  8. The Guinness Brewery. [LYNX-HOSTILE] Their site used to require cookies BUT cookie software on their site was broken and lynx users just got a page telling them to turn on cookies -- even though the user had cookies enabled with lynx 2.7. They are using Microsoft server software -- do I need to say anything more? Anyway, they appear to have finally corrected that problem. Now it's possible to get to their site -- but most of it is still inaccessable because only a few pages promising greater things elsewhere on their site are accessable and when you try to access the frames that would lead to these promised features you are either told to download Shockwave Flash or else lynx gets directed to a page that tells users to download Netscape or Internet Explorer.
  9. Hardys -- Australian wines.
  10. Jim Beam Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey. [LYNX-HOSTILE] (uses frames, IMAGEMAPs, and REFRESH URLs. No ALT text for a lot of images.) That is not as important as the fact that their site which was poorly accessable has since been made totally inaccessable by their "upgrading" (translation: "downgrading") to the Microsoft-IIS/5.0 Server with a broken cookie implementation that won't allow lynx users to enter the site at all because it doesn't recognise the cookies that lynx returns.
  11. Malibu Rum Liqueur.
  12. Remy Martin. [LYNX-HOSTILE] (uses frames)
  13. All About Scotch Whisky.
  14. The Wine Guy.
  15. Woodbridge Wines.

After all that drinking, you may be hungry. If you are into vegetarianism you may wish to check out The Vegetarian Page.

Do you prefer spicy food? I found a delightful shop in Halifax that specialized in spicy condiments, Jobe's House of Pepper Ltd but, unfortunately, it closed. Besides (perhaps almost) every hot sauce available on the market (including Dave's Insanity Sauce), their web site featured some interesting information on what makes hot spices hot and a guided walking-tour of downtown Halifax. A new (to me, anyway) store in Lower Sackville appears to be a good replacement (except for the guided tour), the From Mild to Wild hot sauce shop. (I'll resist the temptation to wish you Season(ing)'s Greetings.)

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