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Michael Smith

.. has a home page that includes some of the funniest comments on Windows 95 that I have seen anywhere.

Marilyn E. Burford's Home Page

Her page of "Marilyn's Unorganized Bookmark File..." has an interesting variety. Those interested in Celtic stuff or those with pets will find some links especially interesting, especially those concerning medical problems that pets may have.

Andreas' Page

Speaking of pets, Andreas' Page includes a delightful story of her experiences of bring her two Danish cats to the United States and a tongue-in-cheek Cat User's Manual that is hilarious. A Dog User's Manual is also now available.

Jim Lubin's Home Page [NEW ADDRESS].

What attracted me to his page was his collection of

^o^ CountB ^o^

A quadruplegic vampire? Here is an inspiration for us all. Pay a visit to the castle of "CountB" [NEW ADDRESS] who manages to keep a sense of humour in spite of finding it difficult to fly ... or run ... or walk ....

Terence Chua,
KhaOS in the courtroom?

A former Deputy Prosecuting Attorney and Deputy Registrar/Magistrate from Singapore, Terence is now studying in the United States for his Masters Degree in history.   He is not only a Wizard (called KhaOS) in a Multi-User Shared Hallucination, (or MUSH for short (this is a variety of MUD), an on-line role-playing universe) called  TinyTIM but also a famous filk singer in the science fiction fandom community. No, "filk" was not a typo.

His journal contains a little bit of everything from commentary on the science fiction scene to a recipé for Kung Pao Chicken (known to the geek community (but not, apparently, to the science fiction community) as "laser chicken").

His filk songs (some available as lyrics only and others also available in *.MP3 format) vary from "blasphemous fusions" of Cthulhu and ABBA (Hmmm. "ABBA and Cthulhu" sounds like a comedy team. "What is the name of the person I eat first?" "No, you eat Who first. What is the name of the person you eat second." ...) to a very unusual excuse for not turning in your homework. Men will wince when they read or hear the filk about a certain medical error.

There is even a filk song about his filk songs.

TaMarah May

Never one to hide her feelings, she puts her diary on line for everyone to see. For a visit that's personal, you might like to have a look at TaMarah May's Home Page.

Professor John Elliott...

... on "Elliott's Education", including comments about adaptive technology and appropriate technology. You might be surprised at what can be done with a Commodore 64.

You show me yours, and ..

... Oops, I mean, I'll show them yours if ...

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