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Science, Museums, and Culture

News Flash! Life on Mars -- Read All About It.

Discovery Centre, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

Exploratorium, San Francisco, California, U.S.A

Nova Scotia Museum of Natural History, Halifax, Nova Scotia

Maritime Museum of the Atlantic, Halifax, Nova Scotia

U.C. Berkeley Museum of Paleontology

An Index of Museums, Exhibits, and Special Collections

Virtual School of Natural Sciences

The Nova Scotia College of Art and Design

"Scientific American" has finally moved out of the "America Online" closet and onto the web. It's about time!

"Nature" magazine also has a web site you might want to visit.

For foreign, artistic, and classical movies you may want to check out Wormwood's Dog and Monkey Cinema -- Schedule. I am not sure whether this should be under "Culture" or under "Entertainment" so I am listing it under both topics.

One of the leaders in the field of Artificial Intelligence is Marvin Minsky. You won't find tons of cute graphics on his site but you will find some thought-provoking articles on Artificial Intelligence, the psychology of humour, and Extra-Terrestrial communications.

We can't have culture without developing it. If you have a creation in mind then you might want to check out the Nova Scotia Film Development Corporation. If not, you may find some of their cultural links interesting anyway.

Halifax, being a port city, is a hotbed on Multi-Culturism. One source for information on this is the Touch BASE magazine which not only prints a monthly paper magazine on the subject but also has a web page of Online Resources so you can experience the diversity for yourself. They also publish an annual Diversity Calendar that lists national and religious holidays around the world. (For example, March 25th, 2005 was not only a Christian holiday (Easter) but also a Jewish holiday (Purim), a Buddhist holiday (Magha Puja Day), a Hindu holiday (Holi, a festival dedicated to the god of pleasure), and Greek Independance Day.) Watch for next year's edition of the calendar this coming December, free at participating supermarkets in the Halifax area.

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