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On A Roll -- Radio Talk Show on Disability.




Cultural Entertainment.

For foreign, artistic, and classical movies you may want to check out Wormwood's Dog and Monkey Cinema -- Schedule. I am not sure whether this should be under "Culture" or under "Entertainment" so I am listing it under both topics.


NHL Players' Association.

Hi there, sports fans. I am not a sports fan and think that the expression, "professional sports" is an oxymoron BUT for your edification you may want to visit the NHL Players' Association . I list them as they were a sponsor of the "Ek's File" dedicated to trying to save a life. Nice going, guys!

University of Alberta Karate Club Homepage.

To some, it is a sport. To others, it is a way of life. The University of Alberta Karate Club is a member of the Ohtsuka Amateur Karate Foundation. Traditional karate training at its finest! Learn more about karate at "http://www.ualberta.ca/~karate/" [NEW URL]. If you have previously bookmarked the site at the old URL, "http://www.ualberta.ca/~gwenzel/", you may want to update your bookmarks.

Quad Rugby.

Can any other sport be as exciting as Quad Rugby? Well, maybe. But not to the GSVU Scorpions. Get the latest league figures and other information from the Netherlands. On the opposite side of the ocean, why not visit the United States Quad Rugby Association? Note that their address has been changed from "http://members.icanect.net/~qrugby/" to "http://www.quadrugby.com" so you might want to change your bookmarks accordingly.

Quad Rugby on TV:

An announcement from the USQRA:


Quad Rugby on ESPN - SET YOUR VCR's

The TV show "In Pursuit" will air on Tuesday, July 6th @ 1:00pm EST on ESPN.  The 1999 USQRA National Championship game between the Lakeshore Demolition and Sharp Shadow will be featured during this half-hour program. The show will repeat @ 1:30pm EST on August 24.  Check your local TV listings for changes, or visit http://espn.go.com/tvlistings/networks/espn.html  If you enjoy the show, please let the producers know by dropping them a letter of support at rjayne@aol.com 

An article and photos from the 1999 USQRA National Championship can be found on-line Quad Rugby Centrals website at http://quadrugby.com/sports.htm

Serving Up The Hardest Hits On The Internet
The United States Quad Rugby Association
e-mail: webmaster@quadrugby.com
voice: (561) 964-1712
fax: (561) 642-4444


Kathy's Independent Living & Disability Resources Page.
[new address]

You might want to take a look at the Sports Section of Kathy's site [new address] for sports news of interest to the disabled community.

Power Soccer

Karyn L. Hernandez reports on wheelchair soccer on her
power soccer page.

The Special Olympics and the Paralympics.

Many people get these two confused. They are not the same thing. Find out more about both and visit:

  1. Special Olympics International.
  2. International Paralympic Committee Home Page.

Looking Ahead...

The Nagano Winter Paralympic Games are to be held in Japan in 1998.

Sweden is already planning for the 2004 Paralympic Games. Find out more in Swedish or English at:

Do you prefer faster sports? Live life in the fast lane? Then check out the exciting world of Wheelchair Racing.

You don't have to see to be active. Visit sunny Spain to find out how at the home of the International Blind Sports Association (IBSA):

The James Russell Trapshooting Home Page site points out on a sub-page that this can be a good sport for disabled persons. You might give it a try.

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