Sorry, No Pretty Pictures.

My access to the Internet was, originally, through a text-only terminal at the Halifax Public Library that has no provision for uploading or downloading. Everything had to be typed in by hand in ASCII only.

I now have a telephone and the full-time use of a computer. However, during the time I didn't have access from home, my web site grew and grew. There is a saying that "A picture is worth a thousand words." Unfortunately, a picture also occupies four to eight thousand words worth of space. My quota on the Chebucto Community Net was, until recently, only 500K bytes. My disk space usage usually manages to creep up to just below my allowance. If I add a dozen pictures to my site I would have to reduce the information content of the site by about fifty percent.

I am also committed to providing a site that is "speech friendly". I now have a few pictures on my site, but only where they contribute to the information on the site or take a small enough amount of disk space that they do not require any major reduction in other information on the site and where they pose no threat to the speech friendliness of my site.

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