The Good, ...


Check out the web site for the North American Missing Children Association Inc [new address] as you may have seen a lost child that they are looking for or you might want information on protecting your own children. You can also contact them at: namca@namca.com [new address].


I have lost money in pay phones from one coast to the other over the years. Every time, I have contacted an operator who promised me a refund. MT&T is the ONLY telephone company that ever lived up to its promise. After losing a quarter one time in one of their pay phones, I called their operator and got the same response that I got every other time. THIS time, a couple of weeks later to my surprise, I received a checque in the mail for twenty-five cents. Finally! A company that lives up to its promises.


Printer ribbons may not be very exciting and there may be little difference from one to another of a different brand BUT I noticed that the Ko-Rec-Type ribbons come with a little something extra ... with each ribbon you get a little packaged pre-moistened towelette to clean your hands with after handling the new ribbon. Nice touch, Ko-Rec-Type!

K-PC Ltee.

Ken-Porter (yes, that's ONE hyphenated name) from K-PC Ltee. has been very supportive of the Halifax Area Personal Computer Society and has given graciously of his time on several occations to talk about computer hardware at our club meetings. Thanks, Ken-Porter!

Ken McVay

He has won an award from EYE Magazine for his site dedicated to combating hatemongering, racism,and Holocaust denial called "The Nizkor Project" at www.nizkor.org. If you are from outside North America, you might find the European mirror site at http://www1.de.nizkor.org/~nizkor/ a little faster to connect to.

Adobe Corporation

Adobe has come out with something they call "Adobe Acrobat Access" as an add-on for Windows that allows the visually impaired to access sites with Adobe Acrobat files. I don't know how good it is but you might want to check it out. They make it available at no charge. "Thanks Guys!"

Quilters Hope Chest

I spotted a sign in the window of a small specialty craft-supply store in Halifax (that carries only quilt making supplies and teaches quilt making) that indicated that the store is in support of a programme to help finance research concerning breast cancer. I'll let them tell it in their own words, from an e-mail message I received: (shown with permission)


Mr Norman DeForest

Last evening you spoke to a staff member at Quilters Hope Chest on Agricola St. about a Block of the month they are doing using "Quilt For A Cure" fabric. The fabric mentioned is made by Northcott Monarch pattern being Plantation Collection. A portion of every bolt the company sells of this pattern collection goes to Breast Cancer Research Foundation. This is an American Foundation but as all of us who are surviors know any and all research benifits all women.

The way the Block of the Month works is that a persons signs up for 1 year and each month they receive a pattern and required fabric for $4.95 plus 15% tax. We mail anywhere in North America for an additional $1.00 plus tax monthly. The blocks will be available in early November. We will also mail world wide for an additional $2.00 plus tax a month. The store address and telephone number is as follows.

Quilters Hope Chest
2483 Agricola St.
Halifax, N.S. B3K 4C3

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to call the store or e-mail me at the above address. Thank you for your queries and look forward to hearing from you in the future.

Beverley Drysdale
Doug and Beverley Drysdale
E-mail Drysdale@ns.sympatico.ca


At the moment, they don't have a web site but I will try to keep in touch with them to add a link when they get one.

Kellogg Company.

Kellogg's series of advertisements with the theme "Kellogg's Corn Flakes -- try them again for the first time." seems a bit stupid to me but congratulations to whoever got the idea for the one with the deaf-mute girl using sign-language with subtitles. It's about time someone started portraying the handicapped as real people with normal feelings about things and not just as objects of pity. Nice going, Kellogg!

... the Bad, ...

Kellogg Company and other cereal companies.

Yes, they make it into this catagory as well.

The Kellogg Eggo waffle advertisement showing a boy stealing someone's Eggo waffles from a picnic table and hiding behind a tree to eat them while a voice-over says "leave no evidence" is one of the worst advertisements in that catagory of cereal and other food ads that seem to be constantly showing someone stealing or otherwise using immoral tactics to get ahold of someone else's cereal. The Corn Pops advertisement showing a teenager luring his younger sibling's friends out of the house with "Look, there's Barney" so he can get their cereal is another example. The Kellogg Company is not the only one to use these sorts of ads but those two ads are a couple of the worst. The message in the ads, aimed at children, seems to be "It's allright to lie and steal to get something you want if you want it badly enough". What kinds of lessons do we want to be giving to our children? Smarten up, you cereal makers, and consider what sorts of lessons your ads are really giving to children and what kind of society you are helping create!


You're not helping much either, Microsoft. You have an advertisement showing a woman asking her husband to come with her to the grocery store. The husband claims he has too much work to do on his computer. As soon as his wife is out the door, the man switches to playing some sort of flight-simulator shoot-em-up dogfight game. The message there is that it is allright to lie to someone to shirk your duties when you want to have some fun instead. Remember that it is not just adults that will be seeing your advertisements. It may be impressionable young children.

... and the Ugly!

Kellogg Company

The Kellogg advertisements showing people who seemingly don't know that Kellogg's Rice Crispies is made from rice, even after some not-too-subtle hints has to be one of the stupidest advertisements on television. Come on you guys, can't you do better than that!

I use to think the Kellogg Rice Crispies jingle was a catchy jingle. Not any more. Whichever corporate bean-counter got the idea to change the catchy jingle from "Snap, crackle, pop! Rice Crispies!" to the new and highly un-improved "Snap, crackle, pop! Kellogs Rice Crispies." has converted a catchy tune to something with an un-natural rhythm and a feeling that the corporate name had to be squeezed in there somewhere no matter how bad it sounds. The minute it starts sounding as though a company is more interested in its name than in its products, is the minute I start looking elsewhere for products.

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