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#Disabled is an IRC (Internet Relay Chat) channel on NewNet created by and for people with physical disabilities (but everyone is welcome). They hold weekly online meetings that cover a diverse range of topics, and throughout the week they just get together for friendly chat. Find out more about it on The #Disabled Channel Home Page. (Alas, I can't check it out myself. IRC isn't supported by my Internet service provider.)

Blindness-Related Emailing Lists.

See: "http://www.hicom.net/~oedipus/blist.html" at the Camera Obscura site.

A new listserv for Disabled Teachers !!

(Posted email spotted in a newsgroup. Included here with permission of original author.)

Date: Tue, 22 Jul 1997 13:00:57 -0700
From: [omitted for privacy]
To: [omitted for privacy]
Subject: Announcing a new listserv for Disabled Teachers !!


We are pleased to announce there is a new discussion group for teachers with disabilities. The purpose of the discussion is: to share information about problems and solutions regarding teaching with a disability, to give and receive support, and to provide some guidance for disabled persons who wish to pursue a teaching career.

To subscribe, send an e-mail message to: listserv@listserv.montana.edu
In the body of the message type: subscribe DATEACH
Do not include a "signature block" to the listserv processor.

The address for posting to the group is: dateach@listserv.montana.edu

We would encourage present teachers with disabilities, former teachers, administrators, and future teachers to participate. ADA specialist attorneys and advisors are welcome, as are directors for Disabled Student Service in Higher Ed. Teacher union representatives may also find this a helpful group.

[signature omitted for privacy]

List of Newsgroups for Those Needing Support:

There is also a hyperlinked sub-list of newsgroups provided by the friendly and helpful people at CyberFiber,

<Thanks, CyberFiber, for letting me link!> They might have groups listed that I don't have. One newsgroup listed, alt.callahans, takes a bit of explaining so is at the end of the web page.

Note that I have not been able to check out all of these. To do so would require weeks and would delay my putting this here. If you know of any suitable group missing from this list or if any in the list don't belong, please let me know at:

  1. alt.abuse-recovery
  2. alt.abuse.offender.recovery
  3. alt.abuse.recovery
  4. alt.arthritis.spondy.risg.info
  5. alt.comp.accessibility [NEW]
    (Italian equivalent: it.comp.accessibilita.ciechi)
  6. alt.comp.blind-users
  7. alt.contraceptives
  8. alt.disability.blind.social
  9. alt.irc.recovery
  10. alt.luser.recovery
           (Foghorn Leghorn: "Ahh say there, that's a joke, son.")
  11. alt.med.endometriosis
  12. alt.nl.handicap [NEW]
  13. alt.penguin-fetish.recovery
           (Another joke)
  14. alt.personals.hiv-positive
  15. alt.poverty
  16. alt.quit.smoking.support
  17. alt.recovery
  18. alt.recovery.aa
  19. alt.recovery.addiction.sexual
  20. alt.recovery.adult-children
  21. alt.recovery.codependency
  22. alt.recovery.compulsive-eat
  23. alt.recovery.from-12-steps
  24. alt.recovery.na
  25. alt.recovery.sexual-addiction
  26. alt.relationships.deaf-hearing
  27. alt.sexual.abuse.recovery
  28. alt.society.homeless
  29. alt.suicide.recovery
  30. alt.support
  31. alt.support.abortion
  32. alt.support.abuse-partners
  33. alt.support.alzheimers
  34. alt.support.amputee
  35. alt.support.angioplasty
  36. alt.support.anxiety-panic
  37. alt.support.anxiety-panic.moderated
  38. alt.support.arthritis
  39. alt.support.arthritis.risg-spondy.info
  40. alt.support.arthritis.spondyloarthro.moderated
  41. alt.support.asthma
  42. alt.support.asthma.buteyko
  43. alt.support.ataxia
  44. alt.support.attn-deficit
  45. alt.support.autism
  46. alt.support.big-folks
  47. alt.support.breast-implant
  48. alt.support.breast-implant.moderated
  49. alt.support.breastfeeding
  50. alt.support.cancer
  51. alt.support.cancer.prostate
  52. alt.support.cerebral-palsy
  53. alt.support.childfree
  54. alt.support.chronic-pain
  55. alt.support.crohns-colitis
  56. alt.support.dental-phobia
  57. alt.support.depression
  58. alt.support.depression.manic
  59. alt.support.depression.recovery
  60. alt.support.depression.seasonal
  61. alt.support.depression.teens
  62. alt.support.dev-delays
  63. alt.support.diabetes.kids
  64. alt.support.diet
  65. alt.support.diet.rx
  66. alt.support.disabled.artists
  67. alt.support.disabled.sexuality
  68. alt.support.dissociation
  69. alt.support.dwarfism
  70. alt.support.dyslexia
  71. alt.support.dystonia
  72. alt.support.eating-disord
  73. alt.support.endometriosis
  74. alt.support.epilepsy
  75. alt.support.ex-cult
  76. alt.support.food-allergies
  77. alt.support.glaucoma
  78. alt.support.grief
  79. alt.support.grief.pet-loss
  80. alt.support.headaches.migraine
  81. alt.support.hearing-loss
  82. alt.support-heart [NEW]
  83. alt.support.heart-defects [NEW]
  84. alt.support.hemophilia
  85. alt.support.herpes
  86. alt.support.impotence
  87. alt.support.incontinence
  88. alt.support.inter-cystitis
  89. alt.support.jaw-disorders
  90. alt.support.kidney-failure
  91. alt.support.learning-disab
  92. alt.support.leprosy
  93. alt.support.loneliness
  94. alt.support.marfan
  95. alt.support.menopause
  96. alt.support.menopause.husbands
  97. alt.support.mult-sclerosis
  98. alt.support.musc-dystrophy
  99. alt.support.narcolepsy
  100. alt.support.non-smokers
  101. alt.support.non-smokers.moderated
  102. alt.support.norplant
  103. alt.support.obesity
  104. alt.support.ocd
  105. alt.support.osteogenesis.imperfecta
  106. alt.support.ostomy
  107. alt.support.owa-tafu-liam
  108. alt.support.personality
  109. alt.support.personality.schizoid
  110. alt.support.post-polio
  111. alt.support.premature-baby
  112. alt.support.prostate.prostatitis
  113. alt.support.psoriasis -- I have been informed that this newsgroup has been superceded by the new group, alt.support.skin-diseases.psoriasis and that alt.support.psoriasis was removed some time ago (but not all ISPs respect rmgroup messages). For better coverage around the world, post to alt.support.skin-diseases.psoriasis instead. This newsgroup has been archived at http://www.pinch.com/skin/.
  114. alt.support.road-rage
  115. alt.support.schizophrenia
  116. alt.support.scleroderma
  117. alt.support.sexreassign
  118. alt.support.short
  119. alt.support.shyness
  120. alt.support.sinusitis
  121. alt.support.skin-diseases -- This newsgroup has been archived at http://www.pinch.com/skin/.
  122. alt.support.skin-diseases.hidradenitis -- This newsgroup has been archived at http://www.pinch.com/skin/.
  123. alt.support.skin-diseases.psoriasis -- This newsgroup has been archived at http://www.pinch.com/skin/.
  124. alt.support.skin-diseases.vitiligo -- This newsgroup has been archived at http://www.pinch.com/skin/.
  125. alt.support.sleep-disorder
  126. alt.support.social-phobia
  127. alt.support.spina-bifida
  128. alt.support.srs
  129. alt.support.stop-smoking
  130. alt.support.stuttering
  131. alt.support.survivors.prozac
  132. alt.support.thyroid
  133. alt.support.tinnitus
  134. alt.support.tourette
  135. alt.support.trauma-ptsd
  136. alt.support.turner-syndrom
  137. be.sco.handicap [NEW]
  138. bit.listserv.ada-law
  139. bit.listserv.aidsnews
  140. bit.listserv.autism
  141. bit.listserv.axslib-l
  142. bit.listserv.blindnws
  143. bit.listserv.c+health
  144. bit.listserv.cfs.newsletter
  145. bit.listserv.deaf-l
  146. bit.listserv.easi
  147. bit.listserv.down-syn
  148. bit.listserv.dsshe-l
  149. bit.listserv.innopac
  150. bit.listserv.tbi-support
  151. bit.listserv.transplant
  152. bit.med.resp-care.world -- for respiratory-care practitioners
  153. de.sco.handicap [NEW]
  154. dk.helbred.handicap [NEW]
  155. fj.misc.handicap [NEW]
  156. fr.misc.handicap -- for francophones
  157. free.uk.Scotland.help-disability [NEW]
  158. it.comp.accessibilita.ciechi [NEW] -- Italian
  159. it.sociale.handicap -- Italian
  160. it.sociale.intellettivo [NEW] -- Italian
  161. itala.modena.handicap [NEW]
  162. maus.soziales.handicap [NEW]
  163. maus.soziales.handicaptalk [NEW]
  164. misc.handicap
  165. misc.kids.breastfeeding
  166. misc.kids.pregnancy
  167. nl.handicap [NEW]
  168. tw.bbs.soc.handicapped [NEW]
  169. uk.people.deaf [NEW]
  170. uk.people.disability [NEW]
  171. uk.people.disability.bikers [NEW]
  172. z-netz.alt.handicap.allgemein [NEW]
  173. z-netz.alt.handicap.blind [NEW]

Not all of the newsgroups might be carried on all systems. "fr.misc.handicap" is one of the ones not carried by the Chebucto Community Net at the time this is being written. If you are a visitor from another system, others might not be available on your system. If you want to read or contact a newsgroup not carried at your site, you can usually reach it through Deja News Google or Google Advanced Search.

The last support site to be listed takes a bit of explaining. It is based on a series of science fiction books by Spider Robinson. In the books, Spider describes a bar called Callahan's Place. What is different about this bar is that the patrons there care about each other and those that come there. In one story, a disguised alien enters, and seeing the caring, regrets that he is a slave programmed by another race to spy on Earth for a takeover. He makes a toast, tells his story, and asks them to kill him. If they do that, Earth is saved. Instead, the patrons upset him even more by sympathizing with him, leading him to find another way to avoid betraying Earth to his masters.

Note: I have finally found the URLs for the new locations of the pages mentioned below and updated the hyperlinks. If you got "404" in the past, try them now. -- NLD, March 18, 2001.

There is now a virtual Callahan's place on the Internet. The Allabout file, is the Alt.Callahans equivalent to the usual Frequently Asked Questions file. The Alt.Callahans Home Page also includes The New Patron's Guide to Callahan's Posting, one of the best guides to general netiquette I have ever read. They also have a guide on how to avoid or handle Flames. After checking that out, if you need to share your grief, sorrow, or happiness, you'll find an attentive ear or two at alt.callahans.

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