Protest Images for graphical browsers.

Are you tired of visiting a new website with your text browser only to be confronted by "[LINK] ... [LINK] ... [LINK] ... [LINK] ... [LINK] ..."? Now you can turn the tables on those who fail to use ALT text in their graphical links. Just use the text labels on your web site as ALT text for one or more of the images available in my textgifs.zip archive and your site will still look the same for text browsers but will display an un-informative "[LINK]" string for your links. Dress up your site with other images that contain the strings "[APPLET]", "[EMBED]", "[IMAGE]", "[INLINE]", "[ISMAP]", "[LINK]", and "[USEMAP]". Now your site can be as difficult to navigate for graphical browsers as other sites are to navigate with lynx.

Download textgifs.zip or read the description of the contents first.

If you are short of disk space, you might choose to download just the three images I used on my protest pages:

For each image, the first characters of the name indicate the text in the image and the last two characters indicate the colour combination.

   Name Starts with  APPLET  --  Size =  986 --  Text =  [APPLET]
   Name Starts with  EMBED   --  Size =  986 --  Text =  [EMBED]
   Name Starts with  IMAGE   --  Size =  971 --  Text =  [IMAGE]
   Name Starts with  INLINE  --  Size =  971 --  Text =  [INLINE]
   Name Starts with  ISMAP   --  Size =  968 --  Text =  [ISMAP]
   Name Starts with  LINK    --  Size =  946 --  Text =  [LINK]
   Name Starts with  USEMAP  --  Size =  998 --  Text =  [USEMAP]

Last 2 characters   Foreground  on  Background

          BG          Black     on     Grey
          BW          Black     on     White
          GB          Grey      on     Black
          GW          Grey      on     White
          WB          White     on     Black
          WG          White     on     Grey

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