Cromwell - New Tusket - Weymouth - Southville - Weymouth Falls - Nova Scotia - 1783

Hello and welcome to this website that documents the history of the Cromwell family that first settled
in Weymouth, New Tusket and Southville, Nova Scotia, starting in 1783 when the first black loyalist and
ex-slaves came to Nova Scotia with the British Loyalist. Also included in this family tree are the
Brights, Langfords, Robarts, Falls, Pleasants, the Smiths, Hatfields, Jarvis's and more.

Recently, family member Walter Cromwell, has received the results from his DNA
test that links his paternal DNA to the Yoruba people of Nigeria. His result show a 100% match
His results clarify the actual country of birth of Joseph Cromwell, which was previously thought to be Ghana.

If you suspect your roots may lead to this Tree, than please take the time and explore all the branches.
You may be surprised at who you find. If you want to enquire further about anyone here please contact via
the email addresses below, and your request will be directed to the proper person. Please keep in mind
that this is an on going project and many of the links have yet to be completed.
As more information becomes available it will be added to the site.

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Two new files containing information on the History of the Hatfields in Digby County have been added.
This information was compiled by Sharon Robart-Johnson of Yarmouth, Nova Scotia from the Yarmouth Archives.

Rosemarie Pleasant has provided the following file which compiles a list of records of Blacks in the
Weymouth, Nova Scotia area. Family names included are Langford, Pleasant, Cromwell and more.

Here's a link to Sir Guy Carleton's muster rolls, the Book of Negroes. These documents
contain the names of the Black Loyalist that sailed from New York City with the
British Army, to Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Quebec and England in 1783.

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The Greatest Fighter to ever step into the Ring, Sam Langford

I am presently looking for old photos of family members, taken around the early 1900's or earlier,
If you have any you would like to share by having them digitally scanned,
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Lucie Lewis (Massachusetts) Blair Cromwell (Nova Scotia) Walter Cromwell (Ontario) Venessa Langford (Nova Scotia)

- 1995 Blair Cromwell.