Updates to
Doctor DOS Betamax's
DOS Pages for 2017

                                June 15

1/ Added "MS-DOS Bible" to General DOS Publications.

				May 15

1/ Added more file extensions to DOS File Extensions.
2/ Removed defunct external links and added replacements at the end
 of the above.
3/ Corrected the non-working `V' intra-page link in the above.

                                April 3

1/ Altered the layout of the Search Services page.
2/ Updated the Search Services text.
3/ Fixed a broken "Intra-Page" link in Search Services.
4/ To improve contrast for the text, darkened the background
 in Search Services and this `Updates' page.

                                March 20

1/ Altered the html coding on the Main Page so as to render
 better on a wider variety of devices.

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