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This category presents books that
cover DOS graphics programs.


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Generic CADD 5.0
Inside & Out
by Ray Freeman III
ISBN: 0-07-881712-9

    A thorough tutorial for using this computer aided design program. Described are the CAD drawing medium, its installation and implementation, then the basics through the rendering of advanced concepts are shown. A chapter is devoted to printers, plotters, pointing devices and tablets. Finally, the programmable menu system is demonstrated. Appendices cover commands and related software that can be used with Generic CADD.

Harvard Graphics Quick Reference 1991
by CAroline Halliday
ISBN: 0-88022-538-6

    A Que book, this condenses into categories what is required to run Harvard Graphics. Each lists the commands used followed by a short description afterward. A useful book for intermediate Harvard Graphics users that just need a quick brushup or a fast check of commands already learned.

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Harvard Graphics 2.3 Made Easy 1990
by Mary Campbell
ISBN: 0-07-881692-0

    A detailed look at producing graphics for business purposes. Charts and graphs are covered including importing 1-2-3 or Excel spreadsheet data, selecting and placing images, dealing with maps, creating multiple charts, animations, and much more. Manipulation of individual parts of the chart include its overall appearance, adding grid lines, changing the view angle (axes), adding labels, and selecting colour. Also discussed are the built-in gallery options, templates, drawing from scratch, and macros. Extensive printer options are given and discussion of the VDI (Virtual Device Interface) is included.

JPEG Still Image Data Compression Standard 1993
by William Pennebaker and Joan Mitchell
ISBN: 0-442-01272-1

    The publication discusses the ISO JPEG standards DIS 10918-1 and DIS 10918-2. (No further details.)

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Mastering AutoCAD 1987
by George Omura
ISBN: 0-89588-574-3

    This covers up to version 10, including 3D shading aspects. Starting with the basics of computer aided design, the book talks about interfacing with the DOS operating system, and customising hardware and software. After that is a very detailed course on using this complex and capable program plus a concise chapter on using the program's extensive 3D capabilities. Several chapters are devoted to customising the menus, and using shortcuts and various tips. Appendices cover DOS commands, external software and system variables.

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