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Few magazines currently include many DOS topics,
but numerous ones in the past did and these can be
found today free or for sale at magazine stores, private
websites, newsgroups and forums, or Internet auction sites.
Below are magazines that dealt primarily or exclusively with DOS.


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DOS Extra

    This was a European magazine devoted to DOS. It was published in the 1980s and into the 1990s on an irregular basis as a special edition of DMV Verlag. It centered on varying special themes.

DOS International

    Another European magazine. This German publication was active from 1987 through 1996 or 97 when its name changed to PC Magazin DOS. However, by that time, few DOS topics were apparently included as the content reflected mostly Windows versions. Today it is known simply as PC Magazin.

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DOS Test Magazine

    A German magazine. No further details.

DOS Toolbox

    Apparently this was a sister publication of DOS International for a period of time, but no exact details have currently been located as to how the two differed. Given the title, one might expect that it dealt less with software and product reviews, but more with programming and about controlling DOS and its peripherals.

    Beginning as Pascal International in 1986 and renamed as Toolbox in 1989, by 1991 its main concentration was on DOS until 1993 (1995?) as DOS Toolbox. Then the focus went to multimedia. It once again reverted to Toolbox under a new publisher.

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DOS Resource Guide  January 1992 - February 1994

    An excellent source of most things DOS. I say "most" because this publication is heavily biased toward Microsoft's DOS versions. Still, the articles are informative and well written. In addition are product reviews, many tips and how-tos, programming hints, question & answer segments, and readers' letters and shortcuts. Batch file and command line techniques are featured in every issue.

    A nice thing is the relative lack of advertisements. They choke all computer magazines today to the point where content has taken a tiny back seat, but not here. Content in DOS Resource Guide never takes a back seat. A recommended publication.

DOS/Win Special

    Few details have surfaced on this magazine other than that it was printed apparently on a quarterly basis by Sala Communications in the Netherlands. Dates vary widely as to when issues supposedly ran; at the inside, it was in 1996 and 97, but going by Volume numbers it was from 1986 or 87 through 1997.

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DOS World  March 1994 - 1998

    This is the successor to DOS Resource Guide. At first, it continued its DOS tradition and even improved, but it was lessened a few years after that by the inclusion of so many Windows topics that it became mainly a Windows magazine. Issues from the earlier years are still recommended, though.

    DOS World was killed in 1998 when it was incorporated into a magazine called Practical Windows (Including DOS World) (eyes roll). Eyes just rolled because in reality, virtually no DOS topics were included despite that subtitle. So since the publication became just another Windows magazine in a sea of Windows magazines, Practical Windows died within a few years.

Inside DOS

    Published by the Cobb Group, this 1990s magazine focused on MS-DOS 5 and newer. One advertisement said: "Inside DOS will show you how to use DOS more productively. You'll find timesaving shortcuts, proven methods, and step-by-step instructions."

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Maximum DOS  June 1994

    A special edition from DOS Resource Guide, this magazine has lots of tips and instructionals regarding DOS start-up files, and memory and data management. Included is a tear-out reference card.

Personal Computing

    Throughout the 1980s and into the 1990s, this publication included many DOS-related articles, product reviews, and tips. In particular I'd like to mention its monthly "Shortcuts" segment which featured readers' batch files and command-line tricks.

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Windows DOS Developer's Journal

    No details on this publication, but given that Windows is involved, there may be little actual DOS. The title suggests that it is geared toward using DOS to support Windows' operations and software.

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