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Intermediate and advanced DOS users will find this section
most helpful. Books here are mainly dedicated to more indepth
hints and manoeuvres beyond the beginner's level of expertise.


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DOS Power Tools 1988
by Paul Somerson
ISBN: 0-553-34526-5

    An excellent book that gives a great deal of information on DOS development, how it works, and its implementation. There are also sections on batch techniques and DOS command tips, plus a wealth of utilities on the accompanying disc that are still very useful to the DOS afficiando.

DOS 6 Secrets 1993
by Robert Ainsbury
ISBN: 1-808758-70-3

    Recommended. With lots of tips and tricks, Robert goes beyond the DOS basics of Microsoft's version 6. He describes many of the most popular after-market DOS utilities that can turn DOS people into power users. These are on the enclosed discs. A must-have book for the DOS library!

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DOS Tips, Tricks, and Traps 1989
by Chris DeVoney and Norman Hale
ISBN: 0-88022-376-6

    Suitable for intermediate and advanced users, DeVoney and Hale present DOS instruction to improve one's abilities. A wealth of ideas are given in a brief manner with examples. Covered are disc usage and performance, file management, screen and keyboard, batch files, start-up files, and troubleshooting. The book ends with sections on DOS facts, and ASCII and ANSI codes. Recommended.

DR-DOS 6.0
Optimization and Configuration Tips
from Digital Research

    This is an extra booklet that comes with DR-DOS (Dee-are-Doss) 6.0. It gives usage directions for the memory manager and memory commands that are available with this version, including instructions for advanced users. The information is useful to any DR-DOS user (version 6.0 or not), that has these programs. This booklet covers optimisation, disc compression, networking and some after-market programs. A good troubleshooting section is a bonus.

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Power DOS! 1993
by Alfred Glossbrenner
ISBN: 0-679-73924-6

    A well-written, in-depth book about DOS. This has something for any DOS user regardless of skill level. It also includes computer basics, with many tips for better operation and suggestions for saving money. Many software add-ons are discussed in depth and how they can be incorporated into the DOS user's toolbox. Recommended - another must-have book for your DOS library!

Supercharging MS-DOS 1991
by Van Wolverton and Dan Gookin
ISBN: 1-55615-492-5
  (Third Edition)

    This is for intermediate users and gives information on screen and keyboard control, customised menus, advanced batch-file techniques, usage of ANSI.sys, RAM drive basics, and more. Third in the series begun by Van Wolverton in 1986, this one is co-authored by Dan Gookin.

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Tricks of the MS-DOS Masters 1987
by Johm Angermeyer, Rich Fahringer,
Kevin Jaeger and Dan Shafer
ISBN: 0-672-22525-5

    This is an excellent intermediate book for users that understand DOS fundamentals but wish to learn more, although newbies can still make usage of much of it. Readers will find a wealth of knowledge on batch files, their commands and methods, screen and keyboard tricks, and data security. A chapter on DEBUG is included for those interested in programming and a complete list of ANSI commands is given for those that wish more display control. Highly recommended. A 1990 Second Edition is also available (ISBN: 0-672-22717-7).

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