If you have the Lynx Browser use the Banner command To go to ascii title that autoloads in succession. Title:

The Lynx Browser

Lynx is overwhelmingly the most frequenty used text browsers, unless we count Netscape and Explorer in text mode. Lynx does not show different sizes of text. It will show:

Since it does not show images, it shows "alt" descriptions of images so that the user can decide whether to download and view these images offline.

Links and W3M

Lynx permits the viewer to in advance decide what colour each web function, and the foreground and the background will have. These may be different from the page designer's choices.

Links shows up to 16 colours that are intended by the page designer. It will show the changing font colours on a text page. It does not show intended background colour. Both tables & frames are properly rendered. Targeted frames are also properly shown. The only emphasis tags that are recognized are S (strikeout) and U (underline) which are underlined and yellow. Super and sub are not recognized.

W3Mshows colours the viewer selects in advance. It does properly show tables, but frames only sequentially as Lynx. Markup of text is similar to Lynx, with emphasis shown by a lighter shade. HR is shown, but only left justified.

A browser unique to the Commodore 64, Hyperlink 2.5, shows colours as the page designer intended, including background colours and unlike other text browsers, shows fonts as normal and large, instead of all the same size. Most text markup is not recognized or text placement since the screen is 40 columns. By using the font command with the HR, Hr colour can be changed. The HR command can be used to change font size. Hyperlink 2.5 is also unique in that it shows in a separate screen, any gif,jpeg or tiff encountered. While the images are low resolution and monochrome, this is a major achievement for a computer that has 37 usable k.

Browser Access

Usually all these browsers require access to a "shell account" a community or university hard drive that runs on unix or linux. A phone call to the central computer connects the user's computer as a "dumb terminal" to the larger hard drive and computer which does most of the actual computing and connecting with the internet. Lynx, Links and W3M sit on the remote hard drive. The user sends commands from his computer to that hard drive as if his keyboard were directly connected to the remote computer. I have two shell accounts, one at chebucto.ns.ca, and one at videocam.net.au. While I phone directly to chebucto, I telnet to videocam. Chebucto is closer and uses a monochrome Lynx. Videocam has all of the above browsers, and is in full colour. Videocam also has the c64 Hyperlink 2.5 which requires a server programme on the shell and a client programme on the c64.

Telnet Access

To use a text browser I must dial a shell directly or use telnet. While I phone chebucto directly, I telnet to videocam (in Australia). There are 3 ways I can do this:


To check your browser to see if it accurately is showing colours, check the following: Dark Red Dark Green Dark Blue Purple Brown Bluegreen Dark Grey Bright Red Bright Green Bright Blue Bright Yellow Bright Magenta Bright Cyan Light Grey White Black

The relative sizes of text may have varied also.

Compare this hexadecimal approach with a name tag

The Lynx Banner

For Lynx only, if the command is at the beginning of a web page, it is possible to jump from wherever you are on a page to the top, and again return to where you were on the page. I have included that command on this page. If you are using Lynx, the "#" key will take you from wherever you are on the page to the top. The "cursor back arrow" takes the viewer back to the starting point perhaps several screens down.

If you are using Lynx, try the command now.

Netscape Oddity

Some versions of Netscape can produce dingbats without requiring image loading. As far as I know, no other browser can view these images. The images follow: Top of page Main page Move on:

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