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Text Browsers

For the blind user, or owners of lower powered computers, text browsers are a means of access to the Internet. Most favoured is Lynx, although Links and W3M have advantages. For the Commodore 64, Hyperlink 2.5 moves beyond text only limitations.

Designing a web page with these browsers in mind requires adjustments.

Doctor Who Science Fiction

Doctor Who is a whimsical British science fiction television show that ran from 1963 to 1989, followed by a television movie in the mid-90's. Among a seemingly infinite number of Internet sites are the Canadian Fan Club site for "The Doctor Who Information Network", and a source of

"Loose Cannon". Approximately half of the tapes and films of the first two Doctors (There were 7 television Doctors to 1989), were destroyed to save shelf space. A few fans audiotaped these stories. Many of these stories survived visually as still photos shot every 30 seconds from a television screen by a professional photographer, John Cura. Reconstructions usually consist of combinations of these photos with fan-preserved soundtracks. The Loose Cannon people go one step further by recreating footage to fit the script, and often adding interview/documentaries with the original cast. In order to not contradict the BBC copyright, all reconstructions are free except for the cost of blank tape and mailing.

As have many fans, I have attempted a brief reconstruction- one episode of "The Macra Terror" and part of an episode of "Galaxy Four". While the Loose Cannon and Joint Venture productions are of high physical quality produced on semi-pro computing equipment, I used exclusively a Commodore 64. While the results are more amateur, I have scanned, coloured, captioned included transitions and transfered to videotape using a computer that was built in 1982 that has 37 usable k. It raises the question of what is appropriate technology.


I taught (classroom, vice-principal, principal, curriculum consultant) in Ontario schools for 12 years. For 22 years I was associate professor at the Nova Scotia Teachers College. I taught mass media education, computers in the classroom, and curriculum. Our interns spent more reflective time working with students than was typical for student-teacher instruction. At the time, according to The National Film Board, mine was the only mass media education course for student teachers in Atlantic Canada. My bias in computer education was to have my students learn to use spreadsheets, data bases and word processors on simple Apple II's, Commodore 64's and dos based pc's. Once they learned the rudiments on one platform, they had little difficulty transferring these skills to the other computers and moving to Macs and Windows based machines. My hope was that besides learning transferability, they might utilize all of these platforms that are often stored in closets because they are "obsolete".

More Personally

As a Run Nova Scotia member, I compete in most provincial races from 5k to the half marathon- although more slowly every year. My masters swimming involvement has shifted to swimming about 3 times weekly in the winter on my own.

I pay attention to military aircraft -historical and current, jazz from 1930-1960, and low tech uses of computers and television.

Although retired early (born 1943), I might be interested in some kind of educational involvement. A few years ago I was asked to help a mid-eastern country train its education leaders to implement a new education programme. At the last minute (I was literally packing my suitcase), they decided they wanted "a teacher trainer, not a teacher educator".

I'd like to hear from you if any of our interests overlap.

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