Moonwit Menstrual Wear

100% Cotton Washable Pads
Thirsty, Rugged, Low Maintenance
Reliable, Comfortable and Lovable
Three Kits - Two Sizes
One Great Idea - No Problem
No Belts - No Plastic
Made With Love By Women for Women
Ask about our 'Bleed Now-Pay Later' Plan!
-Working hard to change the face of menstruation-

Plastic pads are so passé,
I don't throw my cash away
Washable pads are here to stay.
It's time to bleed the modern way!

We think that the pads we make are the cushiest, softest, easiest to take care of, confidence inducing, PRETTY, washable moontime pads available anywhere - and we have got samples from other companies to prove it. We affectionately refer to our menstrual lingerie as 'Moonwitties'... - a far cry from the stuff our mother and grandmothers thought they had no choice but to wear. The pads come in two sizes, although some sewers WILL make custom sizes for individual customers. The Regular is enough for most days, The Goddess is large enough to handle the rough ones. All pads are the same price, $7.00 and prepackaged kits give you a price break of a free pad in each half dozen, and two free ones to the dozen or your can request your own combination of the sizes. The Moonwit Lingerie kit sizes are

New Moon, or 'Get Acquainted' Kit, which is one of each size pad for $13.25
Half Moon Kit, which is 2 Goddess size pads and 4 Regulars, for $35.00 or
Full Moon Kit, which is 4 Goddess size pads and 8 Regulars for only $68.00

Each pad is lovingly constructed by women for women, from a combination of 100% Cotton Flannelette and Terrycloth and consists of two pieces - a shell, and an absorbent liner that is inserted in the shell's opening, that can be folded various ways for different thicknesses as well as coming in extremely handy for an emergency washcloth for busy moms.

The Moonwit 'Bleed Now - Pay Later' Payment Plan has been in effect since day one and makes the pads accessible to anyone because you are able to pay at YOUR ability and the bottom line is that we have no reason NOT to trust each other. However most women consider stocking up on Moonwit Pads as an investment rather than an expense.

Access some innovative solutions to you own challenges relating to being a woman at the turn of the century. Please get in touch with us and together we will keep multi-national mitts our of our pockets and OFF OUR BODIES.

Send $10 for info, a sample pad plus a copy of The Rag MOONWIT'S hersterical, irregular periodical.


If you live in Quebec or central Canada or the central parts of the USA contact Lesle- Ann
If you live elsewhere contact Susanna Eve
or send mail to:
The M.O.O.N.W.I.T. Collective
2029 Kline St.
Halifax, NS
B3L 2X4
or send your e-mail requests to Susanna Eve

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