"I just got through reading your Issue 20 and it was one of the best things I have read on this market in a coon's age. Of course, that's probably because I agree one hundred percent with everything you have said. You have the big picture nailed."
M.S.B. (USA) July 1999

" Max, you sure can connect the dots. Spot on!"
G.M. (Australia) May 1999

" I have called attention to your commentary to as many people that would care to read a free analysis, that is as spot on as any of the paid services. And I mean any. "
E.H. (USA) October 1998

" I am a long-term fan of your writings, finding them some of the most intelligent and perceptive commentary around. Your grip of the big picture is truly astonishing."
K.B. (Singapore) October 1998

" Keep up the good work. I found your work as about the 10th listing when searching Yahoo for "deflation analysis". . . if your work proves as dependable in the future as it has been over the past year. . . I could use your analysis. Please inform me of your next issue. I recommend you stay with the format of monthly issues: it allows for broad prospective, and you appear to be have a gift for sifting through a lot of information and distilling it down to some perceptive insights. "
J. A. (Michigan) September 1998

" Just to let you know that you have been awarded the Retirement Planning (Canada) Best of the Net award for September, 1998. The Award is for your newsletter, which I believe to be one of the most thought provoking that I've seen on the Internet, and I've seen a lot."
Keitha Campbell, [LINK] RETIRE CANADA September 1998.

" You called the decline in the Canadian Dollar, you called Asia. Things are starting to speedup - Russia, Latin America. Its time for your comments. Please Post! "
W.M. (USA) August 1998.

" A true realist. I too love thinking for myself,and I see it as you do: keep them coming."
G.M. (Australia) July 1998

" The Skeptical Investor is produced once a month and covers a variety of financial topics that are seldom discussed in today's bullishly biased media. It is refreshing to read the author's work because it is clear that a great deal of thought has gone into it. The author looks beneath the surface of the global economy and points out what he believes to be its weaknesses."
(Fiend's Superbear Page, December 1997) (SITE [LINK]

" I am very grateful to you for your deep considerations in "Skeptical Investor". Though I am very bullish by my nature which is reasonable for the investor in Russia, the latest turmoil of the international financial markets that severely hit Russia as well, force me to broaden my horizons when investigating reasons and consequences. Your articles are extremely valuable since for me they represent a great chance to get a good portion of wisdom and sagacity together with information I never took into consideration. "
M.R (Russia) December 1997

" Congrats! Good work on your last reports. I am tuned in with great interest. "
F. C. (USA) November 1997

" Thanks for the effort in your last 4 postings. You're talking a lot of common sense, and events of the last few days bear you out."
J.C. (Australia) October 1997

" Just wanted to give my compliments on your on-line commentaries "The Skeptical Investor". It was a great pleasure to read your thoughtful and insightful analysis. This is much better than a lot of other contrarian newsletters that keep predicting a top every week. You make an excellent point that even though it's impossible to predict when a corrective crash is going to occur, the stock market is so overvalued now that the risks of buying or even holding stocks at this time are just too huge. I completely agree with your analysis and suspect you will be proven right in fairly short order. "
E. L. (USA) July 1997

" I was delighted to stumble across The Skeptical Investor today. An excellent article and I look forward to the next issue. Thanks for the good reading. "

A. S. (USA) July 1997

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