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Salutations and welcome to the site! As you may tell above, my name is Joel Maxuel, though possibly better known as Joel Maxwell, obscurely as Officer Jim Lahey, or by one of a few other names acquired over the past three or so decades.

As this particular page serves as a personal biography (with a few links to some of my hobbies), I may as well start with what motivates me, my values, and beliefs.

I am driven by the (potential) difference I can make, regarding myself and anything around me. As a result, what breaks my heart is when my efforts show no value.

I revere efficacy, legacy, growth, sharing, and an open mind. I believe everyone deserves courtesy; respect is earned. Finally, I try to avoid adjectives and expressions based on dichotomy, as I believe experiences are relative.


Some of these things may actually show up as projects here or activities elsewhere.

  • Linux (including the GNU and Android varieties) and UNIX/UNIX-like
  • Computing in general (I like to repair and enhance hardware)
  • Cycling (although I have been slipping for the past year or so)
  • Gardening and some other frugal acts
  • Hiking (once again, slipping)
  • Giving back (volunteering, donating plasma)


So much to do, not enough time to document.

Leisure Media

  • Doctor Who
  • Preacher
  • The Walking Dead / Fear the Walking Dead
  • Ray Donovan
  • Rick and Morty
  • Films that largely "bend the mind" (Matrix Trilogy, Fight Club, Gattaca, Lost Highway)
  • VNV Nation
  • Voltaire
  • Pink Floyd
  • Michael Crichton books (The Terminal Man, Prey, Pirate Latitudes)

Contact / Donate

  • In the absence of knowing (or at least ascertaining) any of my email addresses (and purpose of contact falls out of scope of relevant contact tools, such as a forum), please direct message me on Telegram.
  • If by chance you like the work I do and would like to offer something in thanks, I do have a couple crypto wallets open for donations (Bitcoin and Litecoin addresses below) and any amount would be appreciated:
    • BTC: 16whj344jvYmvtPiRedRmTrYLSzmxgDxy8
    • LTC: LMRHZFvJmikhDAJizDD3NvbnvCErvdLR8c