A Privateer Chase by the ship Duke of Kent described in an August 1799 letter

At 3 P.M., the 8th Discovered a Sail a Running down. at 4 she discovered us, hall'd his wind and ran for the land. I immediately gave Chase, and gave him a gun, found him to be an armed Brig. it came on dark. we lost Sight of him. at 9 P.M. being clost in with the land, Discovered a Sail and Supposing it to be the Brig, Gave Chase, and prepared for action. at 10 came within hail. She not giving a direct answer, I gave her a shot, She Steering for the land, and it being Very dark, and within half a mile of the Land, I Sheared clost Along Side of him, and ordered him to ware immediately, or else I would Give him another shot, and Sink him. he then Wore Round, and stood out from the Land. I sent my boat on board, took charge of him, and brought the Capt. on board.

Source: Letter Thomas Parker to Joseph Barss, Snow Parker & Simeon Perkins, Aug. 12, 1799. National Archives of Canada MG 23 J17

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