Privateer Sloop Frances Mary - 1800

A very unsuccessful and small privateer vessel, whose misadventures resemble, in some fashion, Stan Roger's fictional song "Barrett's Privateer's". She was captured on her first voyage to the West Indies, without taking a single prize. Her crew were exchanged by a British warship, but many were then pressed into the Royal Navy and took a long time to get home. Privateering in the Carribean required large vessels, able to defend themselves, something this diminitive vessel clearly lacked.

Crew: 40
Rig: Sloop
Armament: 10 guns
Homeport: Liverpool, Nova Scotia
Letter of Marque Issued: December 25, 1799
Captured: August 2, 1800 by the Spanish at LaGuira
Captain: Stephen Smith
Prizes Taken: none
Sources:: "A Private War in the Caribbean" by Dan Conlin, also Simeon Perkins Diary, Vol. IV.

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