Snapdragon 1814

Originally an American privateer from North Carolina, captured on June 30, 1814 by HM Brig Martin, Snapdragon was purchased in Halifax by New Brunswick owners who sent her out under her old name as an armed merchant ship. (She carried too few guns and too small a crew to be a full fledged privateer but carried a privateering license in case any easy prizes came her way.)

Crew: 30
Tonnage: 160 British, 147 American
Rig: Schooner
Armament: 6 guns
Homeport: Saint John, NB
Letter of Marque Issued: August 9, 1814
Captains: James Reid, formerly of NB privateer Hare
Owners: Curry and Hanford, Saint John, NB
Prizes Taken: None, appears to have been an armed merchant ship, not a predatory prviateer

Sources: Under the Red Jack by CHJ Snider, p. 198, 214.

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