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NS Classic Rock Discography - Dutch Mason

A discographical tribute to the one and only Prime Minister of the Blues - DUTCH MASON.

The Ducats Showband LP Cover
Artist: The Ducats Showband
Album: The Ducats Showband
Released: 1967
Label: Paragon ALS-242
Notes: Probably just a guest spot as Dutch is only pictured on the back cover and not in the group photo on the front.

1) Fisherman's Favorite
2) Medley: Road To The Isles
Rippling Water
Cook In The Galley
3) Cock of the North
4) Doggie Doggie
5) Wiggletoe Hornpipe

1) You Win Again
2) Green Green Grass of Home
3) Folsom Prison Blues
4) Is Anybody Goin' To San Antone
5) Yank Go Home/Yankee Rebuttal

Lewis Skinner (Lead guitar, accordian)
Roger Skinner (Drums)
Bob Battiste (Bass)
Claude Caines (Vocals)
Dutch Mason (Piano)

At The Candlelight LP Cover
Artist: Dutch Mason Trio
Album: Dutch Mason Trio At The Candlelight
Released: 1970
Label: Paragon ALS-263
Notes: Not a live album nor at the Candlelight!
Actually, it's not technically a trio either. And the tracklisting on the cover is wrong!

1) The Shape I'm In
2) Georgia On My Mind
3) Danger Zone

1) Good Good Woman
2) Everybody's Talkin'
3) Sweet Little Angel
4) Boss Man

Dutch Mason (Guitar, Piano, Vocals)
Ken Clattenburg (Drums)
Ronnie Miller (Bass)
Joe Sealy (Organ)
Bucky Adams (Tenor Sax)

Dutch Mason Blues LP Cover
Artist: Dutch Mason
Album: Dutch Mason Blues
Released: 1979 (recorded 1970)
Label: Rainbow LP 3101
Notes: A 1979 reissue of the At The Candlelight album.

1) The Shape I'm In
2) Georgia On My Mind
3) Danger Zone

1) Good Good Woman
2) Everybody's Talkin'
3) Sweet Little Angel
4) Boss Man

Dutch Mason (Guitar, Piano, Vocals)
Ken Clattenburg (Drums)
Ronnie Miller (Bass)
Joe Sealy (Organ)
Bucky Adams (Tenor Sax)

Putting it All Together LP Cover
Artist: Dutch Mason Trio
Album: Putting It All Together
Released: 1971
Label: Marathon MS-2107

1) Waiting For A Train
2) Here We Go Again
3) You Win Again
4) Steamroller Blues
5) Crazy Arms

1) High Heel Sneakers
2) Milk Cow Blues
3) Dang Me
4) What Did I Say

Norman 'Dutch' Mason (Guitar, Piano, Vocals)
Ken Clattenburg (Drums)
Ron Miller (Bass)
Arthur 'Bubsy' Brown (Harmonica, Guitar)

Blues Ain't Bad LP Cover
Artist: Dutch Mason Blues Band
Album: The Blues Ain't Bad
Released: 1976
Label: Owl Blues OBP-2008 OR SAR-2008

1) Pawnbroker (B.B. King)
2) Diddly Diddly Daddy (Eugene McDaniels)
3) The Thrill is Gone (B.B. King)
4) Get Outa My Life Woman (A Toussaint)

1) Move Up To The Country (Trad., Arranged by Dutch Mason)
2) I'm Ready (Willie Dixon)
3) Hard Times (Ray Charles)
4) Baby Please Don't Go (Big Joe Williams)
5) Walkin' Blues (Robert Johnson)

Dutch Mason (Guitar, Vocals, Arrangements),
Wade Brown (Guitar),
Rick Jeffery (Harp),
Gregg Fancy (Bass),
Gary Blair (Drums),
Mike Leggett (Piano),
Janet Simmons (Vocals),
Joel Harris Zemel (Guitar, Horn and Backup Vocal Arrangements)

(plus) Gary Johnson (Trumpet),
Peter Hysen (Trombone)

Janitor of the Blues LP Cover
Artist: Dutchie Mason
Album: Janitor of the Blues
Released: 1975/1977
Label: Solar SAR 2020 (Halifax)
Label: (NONE) QCS-1208
Notes: Two variations are available. One has a white back cover with blue lettering and a Solar Records logo. The other has a blue back cover with white lettering and no company logo (QCS-1208). Probably originally released in 1975 and reissued in 1977.

1) Down And Out
2) All Blues
3) Alrite OK
4) Blues In The Dark
5) Mystery Train

1) Goin Down
2) Sludgefoot
3) Swing Low Sweet Cadillac
4) St James Infirmary

Dutch Mason (Guitar, Vocals),
Gary Blair (Drums),
Jack Jeffery (Bass),
Rick Jeffery (Harmonica),
Mike Leggat (Keyboards),
Wade Brown (Guitar),
Russell Brannon (Guitar)

Wish Me Luck LP Cover
Artist: Dutch Mason
Album: Wish Me Luck
Released: 1979
Label (LP): London PS-733
Label (CD): Attic ATM-1142

Wish Me Luck CD Cover

1) It's Your Thing (Isley/Isley/Isley)
2) Ain't Nobody's Business (Grainger/Prince/Williams/Witherspoon)
3) Dust My Broom (James/Johnson)
4) Going Down (Nix)

1) Goin' To Chicago (Basie/Rushing)
2) Polk Salad Annie (White)
3) Barefootin' (Parker)
4) Going Down Slow (Ellen)

Dutch Mason (Guitar, Vocals)
Rick Jeffery (Harp)
Gary Blair (Drums)
Gregg Fancy (Bass)
Donnie Muir (Organ, Piano)

Michael Leggat (Piano)
George Antoniak (Slide Guitar)
Roger Walls (Trumpet)
Claude Blouin (Trombone)

Special Brew CD Cover
Artist: Dutch Mason
Album: Special Brew
Released: 1980
Label (CD): Attic ATM-1093
Label (LP): ATTIC LAT-1093

Special Brew LP Cover

1) Boss Man (Burnette)
2) Young Fashioned Ways (Dixon)
3) Mister Blue (Blair)
4) Honey Hush (Turner)
5) Movin' On (Copyright Control)
6) Come Love (Bergman/Bergman/Marks)
7) Linda Lou (Copyright Control)
8) Slo Fried Baloney (Stevenson/Lee/Muir)
9) Did You Mess Your Mind (Shaw/Beckwith)
10) Wham Bam Thank You Mam (Jeffery)

Dutch Mason (Guitar, Vocals)
Rick Jeffery (Harp)
Gary Blair (Drums)
Gregg Fancy (Bass)
John Lee (Piano)
Donnie Muir (Organ)

Charlie Gray (Trumpet)
Phil Gray (Trombone)
Keith Jollimore (Tenor Sax)
Don Palmer (Baritone Sax)
Dianne Brook (Vocals)
Kathie Shaw (Vocals)
Ginni Grant (Vocals)
George Herbert (Acoustic Guitar)

Gimme a Break LP Cover
Artist: Dutch Mason
Album: Gimme a Break
Released: 1982
Label (LP): Attic LAT-1114
Label (CD): Attic ATM-1114

Gimme a Break CD Cover

1) You Fool Around Too (Jeffery)
2) Trouble No More (Waters)
3) Nothing Left To Lose (Lee)
4) That's Life (Thompson/Gordon-Bibo)
5) Tryin' To Find My Baby (Mason)

1) Long Distance Feeling (Lee)
2) It's All Wrong (Mason)
3) Don't Tell Me (Lee)
4) I Got A Woman (Charles/Richard)
5) Go Down Gamblin' (Thomas/Lipsius)

Dutch Mason (Guitar, Vocals)
John Lee (Piano, Guitar, Vocals)
Rick Jeffery (Harp, Vocals)
Kenny Pineo (Drums)
Greg Fancy (Bass)

Wayne Mills (Tenor Sax)
Donnie Muir (Organ)

2-on-1 LP Cover
Artist: Dutch Mason
Album: Double Header
Released: 1992
Label: Attic ACD 24115
Notes: A straight-forward issue of 2 albums on a single CD. See tracklistings for Special Brew and Gimme A Break

Marilyn I'm Back CD Cover
Artist: Dutch Mason
Album: I'm Back
Released: 1991
Label: Marilyn USMCD 1016
Label: Stony Plain SPCD 1169

Stony Plain I'm Back CD Cover

1) I'm Just Your Fool (Jacobs)
2) Nine Below Zero (Miller)
3) I Ain't Drunk (Liggins)
4) That's Alright Mama (Crudup)
5) Trouble and Me (Cutlery)
6) Don't You Lie To Me (King)
7) Moon Is Full (Collins)
8) Ain't Doin' Too Bad (Malone)
9) Who Do You Love (Dixon)
10) I'm Back (Richardson/Tony D.)

Dutch Mason (Vocals)
Geoff Arsenault (Drums)
Tony D (Guitar, Vocals)
Ben Richardson (Bass, Vocals)
Paul Brown (Piano)
Tortoise Blue (Organ, Harp, Vocals)

Rob Misener (Bass)
Greydon James Potter (Guitar)
Marty Vickers (Drums)
Melwood Cutlery (Piano)
Pat Rush (Lap Steel, Slide Guitar)
Joe Toole (Guitar, Vocals)
Rique Franks (Vocals)
Darrel Peterson (Vocals)
Greg Tunis (Drums)
Jerome Godboo (Harp)

You Can't Have Everything CD Cover
Artist: Dutch Mason
Album: You Can't Have Everything
Released: 1992
Label: Stony Plain SPCD 1182

1) You Can't Have Everything (Nelson)
2) Going, Going, Gone (Nelson)
3) I Must Be Crazy (Nelson)
4) Folsom Prison Blues (Cash)
5) Hock My Ring (Nelson)
6) Sticks and Stones (Turner/Glover)
7) But I Was Cool (Brown)
8) Hallelujah, I Love Her So (Charles)
9) Blues In The Dark (Rushing)
10) No Mo Do Yakomo (Krekel)
11) Polk Salad Annie (White)

Dutch Mason (Vocals), Drew Nelson (Guitar, Vocals), Steve Lund (Drums, Percussion, Vocals), Guy Del Villano (Piano, Organ, Vocals), Brian Magner (Saxes), Kurt Walther (Bass)
Wild Bill Rowat (Trumpet), Suzie Vinnick (Vocals), Ross Murray (Percussion)

Appearing Nightly CD Cover
Artist: Dutch Mason
Album: Appearing Nightly
Released: 1996
Label: Pig Productions
Notes: Recorded by Scrapper at the Boom Boom Lounge and other locations in the late '70s and early '80s. Also released as "Live" at an earlier date
Live CD Cover

1) Every Day I Have The Blues (Chapman)
2) Young Fashioned Ways (Dixon)
3) Walking Blues (Johnson)
4) Feels So Bad (Willis)
5) Swing Low Sweet Cadillac (Trad.)
6) Pawnbroker (King)
7) Diddly Diddly Daddy (McDaniel)
8) Sweet Little Angel (King/Taub)
9) Going To Chicago (Basie/Rushing)
10) Bo Diddley (McDaniel)
11) Go Down Gambling (Thomas/Lipsins)

Dutch Mason (Guitar, Vocals)
Gary Blair (Drums)
Donnie Muir (Organ)
Rick Jeffery (Harp)
Gregg Fancy (Bass)
John Lee (Piano)

Dutchie's 60th Birthday CD Cover
Artist: Various Artists
Album: Dutchie's 60th Birthday
Released: 1998
Label: Tidemark/CBC 02 50795
Notes: Recorded live at the Halifax Metro Centre on Saturday, May 2 1998 by CBC Halifax Radio Mobile.

1) Swing Low Sweet Chariot: Intro - Bucky Adams
2) Swing Low Sweet Chariot - Nova Scotia Mass Choir
3) Troubles Goodbye - Bill Stevenson & Blues Devils
4) I Got My Baby On My Mind - Carson Downey & Big City Blues Band
5) The Blues Ain't Bad - Doris Mason & Blues Devils
6) Caledonia - Sam Moon, Pam Marsh & Blues Devils
7) Don't Start Me To Talking - Joe Murphy & Blues Devils
8) Still Blowing My Horn - Bucky Adams & Blues Devils
9) Livin' The Blues - Pam Marsh & Blues Devils
10) Hold On, I'm Coming - Frank MacKay and the Lincolns
11) Little Girl Blue - Theresa Malenfant, Pam Marsh & Blues Devils
12) Long Way From Texas - The Minglewood Band
13) Born Under a Bad Sign - Dutch Mason Blues Band
14) There Ain't Nobody Home - Dutch Mason and ensemble
15) Mystery Train - Dutch Mason and ensemble

The Blues Devils:
Dave Burton (Drums), Jamie Gatti (Bass), Carter Chaplin (Guitar), Jeff Goodspeed (Tenor Sax), Mike Mullen (Alto Sax), Ken MacKay (Baritone Sax), John Cuming (Trumpet)
The Big City Blues Band:
Murray Downey (Drums), Marlo Smith (Bass)
The Lincolns:
Layne Francis (Tenor Sax), Jeff Goodspeed (Tenor Sax), Dawn Hatfield (Baritone Sax), Donnie Muir (Keyboards), Jack Lily (Drums), Frank Mumford (Guitar), Barry Ryan (Bass)
The Minglewood Band:
Matt Minglewood (Vocals, Guitar), Kim Dunn (Keyboards), Grant Leslie (Bass), Neil Robertson (Drums)
The Dutch Mason Blues Band:
Dutch Mason (Vocals), Rick Jeffreys (Harp), Craig Roode (Guitar), Carter Chaplin (Guitar), Ainslie Jardin (Drums), Charlie Phillips (Bass), Donnie Muir (Organ), Doris Mason (Piano) and the Blues Devils Horns

Goodtimes CD Cover
Artist: Dutch Mason & Johnny Tornado
Album: Goodtimes
Released: 1999
Label: Anchors Away

1) The Moon is Full
2) One Way Out
3) Mojo
4) Move Up To The Country
5) Goin' To New Orleans
6) Since You Been Gone
7) Who Do You Love
8) Requiem
9) I'm A Man

Dutch Mason (Vocals)
Johnny Tornado (Vocals, Guitar)
Darryl Havers (Keyboards)
Brian Scott (Bass)
Darrel Mayes (Drums)
Dave Tailby (Guitar)
The "Doctor" (Harp)

Half Ain't Been Told CD Cover
Artist: Dutch Mason
Album: Half Ain't Been Told
Released: 2004
Label: Pig Productions/CBC

1) Gonna Move To The Country (Mahal)
2) Walkin' Blues (Johnson)
3) C.C.Rider (Trad.)
4) Dust My Broom (James)
5) Lights Are On But Nobody's Home (Collins)
6) Baby Please Don't Go (Morganfield)
7) Polk Salad Annie (White)
8) Tighten Up On It (Young)
9) Mannish Boy (Morganfield/London/McDaniel)
10) Gamblin' Fever (Ruffner)
11) Ain't Nobody's Business (Grainger/Robbin)

Dutch Mason (Guitar, Vocals), Geoff Arsenault (Drums), Jamie Gatti (Acoustic Bass), Joe Murphy (Harp, National Guitar, Electric Guitar), Dave MacIsaac (Violin, Mandolin, Acoustic Guitar), Morgan Davis (Guitar), Garrett Mason (Guitar), Bill Stevenson (Piano), Novalea Buchan (Vocals)

Saturday Night Blues CD Cover
Artist: Various Artists
Album: Saturday Night Blues
Released: 1991
Label: Stony Plain SPCD 1172/
CBC Variety Recordings VRCD 1014

1) Danser le Loup - Gerald Laroche
2) No More Doggin' - Colin James
3) Path to the Liquor Store - Jackson Delta
4) I Need a Woman - Johnny V & The Houserockers
5) Just Your Fool - Dutch Mason
6) Thinking About You - Lester Quitzau
7) Bert's Boogie - Amos Garrett
8) Bad Luck Blues - Ken Hamm
9) Love U 2 Much - Rita Chiarelli & The Road Rockets
10) Pussy Footin' - Dean Cottrill
11) Rockin' Little Boogie - Downchild
12) Goin' Down South - Bill Bourne
13) Satellite Dish - Brent Sam Parkin & The Stingers
14) Nothing To Show - Drew Nelson Band
15) TV Preacher Blues - Big Dave McLean & The Muddy-Tones
16) Love Of A Woman - Jack Semple & The Luxury Blues Band
17) Hey Rosita - Paul James
18) Tombstone Boogie - David Raven
19) The Drifter - Roger Howse
20) Clear But Confusing - Rusty Reed & the Southside Shuffle

Saturday Night Blues 20 years CD Cover
Artist: Various Artists
Album: Saturday Night Blues 20 Years
Released: 2006
Label: CBC TRCD 3019-2
Notes: Dutch was recorded at the Ottawa Blues Festival, July 2001. Garrett at the same event in July 2005.

Disc 1
1) Let Tears Fall Down - Sue Foley
2) Luck in Love - Paul Reddick
3) Don't Look Back - Ray Bonneville
4) Wang Dang Doodle - Jackie Richardson
5) Home of the Mardi Gras - Gary Comeau & the Voodoo All Stars
6) Memphis Has Got The Blues - Rota Chiarelli
7) Thrill is Gone - Harry Manx
8) Blackberry Wine - Kenny 'Blues Boss' Wayne
9) One Monkey Don't Stop No Show - Georgette Fry
10) Blood in my Eyes - Jim Byrnes
11) Anything For You - Jeff Healey & The Jazz Wizards
12) Rosalie - Michael Pickett
13) Come on Home - Ndidi Onukwulu
14) Rattlesnakin' Daddy - David Wilcox
15) She Won't Be True - Garrett Mason

Disc 2
1) It Ain't Easy - Long John Baldry
2) Things is About to Change - David Gogo
3) You Got Me Wrong - Brent Parkin & Risty Reed
4) Howl at the Moon - Ellen McIlwaine
5) Older and Dumber - Morgan Davis
6) Hard Times - Jack Semple
7) Ain't it a Shame - Roxanne Potvin
8) What's Home to Me - Rick Fines
9) She Moves Me - Ken Hamm
10) I Lost My Baby - Nanette Workman
11) Walkin' Blues - Dutch Mason
12) Start It Up - Dawn Tyler Watson
13) Reuben - Michael Jerome Brown
14) 209 - Donald Ray Johnson
15) Postman's Sack - Colin James & Colin Linden
16) Hold On To You Baby - Mel Brown
17) Howlin' For My Baby - Big Dave McLean
18) I Give Up - Colin Linden