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The Other Everyday People

Bruce Wheaton's Everyday People performed and recorded in Canada during the period 1970-1974. One of their biggest hits was Bruce's "I Like What I Like". At this same time there was another band called "The Everyday People" who recorded a self-titled LP for the Red Coach label, produced by Gene Redd of Kool and The Gang fame. This album came out in 1972 and contained mainly Gene Redd tracks. Now, here's where the story gets interesting. In 1993, the album was reissued on CD by Unidisc Music (Canada!)/De-Lite with several bonus tracks and a new title. The title of the CD became "I Like What I Like" and 2 of the bonus tracks were "I Like What I Like" and "I Like What I Like (Remix)". Yes - the Bruce Wheaton/Everyday People song, performed by The (other) Everyday People!

I Like What I Like CD Cover
Artist: The Everyday People
Album: I Like What I Like
Released: 1972/1993
Label: De-Lite SPLK-7160

1) I Like What I Like (Wheaton)
2) Funky Granny (Redd/Bell/Westfield/Bell/Smith/Brown/Nicknes/Thomas)
3) Superwoman (Wonder)
4) Funky Gene-Ra-Tion (Redd/Carpenter/Davis/White/Pinkiney/Tyler/Jinkins/Williams)
5) Everyday People Doing Everyday Things (Lewis/Jennings/Lucas/Miller)
6) Who's Gonna Take The Weight/Who's Gonna Take The Blame (Redd/Bell/Westfield/Bell/Smith/Brown/Nicknes/Thomas)
7) Do-Re-Mi-Fa-So-La-Ti-Do (Redd/McCoy/Starr)
8) Mama Said - Papa Too (Redd/Horne)
9) Magic Man (Lewis/Jennings/Lucas/Miller)
10) Gold Smoke (Tyler/Jinkins/Pinkiney/White/Williams)
11) Get Down-Get Stank (Williams/Pinkiney/Tyler/Davis/White/Jinkins)
12) The Bump (Part 1 & 2) (Redd/Evans/Horne/The Everyday People)
13) I Like What I Like (Remix) (Wheaton)