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The application of technological ideas of efficiency and perfectability to biological systems has been the fundamental error of modern society. -- Richard Akerman, 2001

All we can say for sure is that the future will be different. In particular we will all be older and eventually dead. On that cheery note I invite you to consider the world we want to inhabit, for while our individual stays are brief, I think we would like the Earth to be a pleasant place for us and the generations to come. Until of course the Sun expands as a red giant and engulfs the world in flame.

This page contains articles about things that I think are hopeful, and other articles about things I think are quite disturbing.

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Hundreds of billions of dollars in subsidies now harm the economy, the environment, equity and trade.
-- Perverse Incentives, by A.P.G. de Moor

A new summary report for a general audience "Subsidizing Unsustainable Development: Undermining the Earth with Public Funds" has been adapted from the full Perverse Incentives report. (PDF format, 3.5MB)

The Next City - Lawrence Solomon

These writings cover many topics including eliminating subsidies and using rational pricing to improve the environment. They are all from his commentaries in the National Post. You can find these and more by him on the Urban Renaissance site in the Articles by Lawrence Solomon section.


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