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2003-09-05 I have subscribed to the I100 personal broadcaster package from Live365, so you can once again listen to my radio station for free.

The basic Live365 listening system depends on JavaScript and popups. If you have that all enabled, you won't have any problems with these links:

See the Opening A Stream section for information on directly accessing the audio without popups.

My Internet radio station is always running as it is hosted on Live365 servers. The music is encoded at 56 kbps, so you'll need a fast connection. I think the tracks are on shuffle (random order) play.

I have uploaded 81 tracks totalling just over 6 hours of music. The selection of the tracks was fairly simple, I just went through my CDs one by one, picking a single favourite cut from each CD. I didn't get through my entire CD collection, and I was going to eventually add more tracks, but now Live365 has reduced the storage space available. Therefore I don't have any changes or additions planned - it will always be the same tracks.

I was never very big on the vanity lists of CDs that some people put on their websites, hopefully you will find this auditory equivalent more enjoyable.

There is also an iMix for the Apple iTunes Music Store Canada called akeradio. The mix has just the same tracks that are on the radio station; however the iTMS will only show songs that it has for sale, so less than a third of the tracks show up. Currently (April 2006) it is showing 21 tracks. Note: The iMix is intended so you can preview and then buy the tracks if you like them (I don't get any cut). On the radio station, you can listen to the complete tracks, for free.

Included are such diverse elements as:

I also have a section about radio streaming on my Downloading Music in Canada page.

Opening A Stream

You can directly enter this URL in a player like RealOne or iTunes
(it may also work directly in your browser, but it will depend on your browser and settings).

The file should start playing, if it tries to download the file then something is not configured correctly. In Windows, you may get an audio message/error because they want you to use the approved Live365 setup (which displays ads).

Unfortunately the different applications all have different terminology for directly entering the URL for an audio stream. Follow the instructions below to get a prompt window.

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