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The wonderful people at Google Groups have finally done what DejaNews was never able to do: 20 Year Usenet Archive Now Available.

Here are a couple other articles about this event that I found interesting:

Assuming I've used Google Groups search correctly, A2000 Upgrading Questions posted on 15-Oct-1990 to comp.sys.amiga.tech was my very first USENET posting.

Here is a selection of other postings of mine that were restored:

My Amiga SciSchoolUNIX FAQ

The pre-FAQ posting that started it all:
Answers-X,TeX,GNU,UNIX,ispell,FTP-Science/School Software 1992-11-17

The earliest version I could find was Version: 2.61 1993-01-15


The earliest version I could find was Version: 1.22 ask, help 1, help 2 comp.sys.amiga.datacomm 1993-01-12

In the second version, I combined the three separate files together: AmigaNOS-help version 2.0 comp.sys.amiga.datacomm 1993-01-19

My contribution to the sci.space FAQ

Future asteroid impact? (sci.astro 1990-10-16) eventually turned into my contribution to the sci.space FAQ on computing earth crater diameters from asteroid impacts.

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