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Information Provider Jumpkeys

The CSuite version of the Lynx browser provides access to Information Providers via a 'i' shortcut command similar to the 'go' jumps command.

As with the jumps command the user can type the shortcut associated with the Information Provider or... enter a '?' to view a selection list of current IP's. The user can get to thier favourite information with only a few keystrokes. The Jumpkey is a short string of characters which is unique to an information provider, and is used to identify the IP.

Unlike the jump list (jumps.html) which is created and maintained manually, the IP shortcut list CS_INFO/ips.html is maintained automatically with new entries being generated as part of the IP creation process.

IP entries are added by the script mk-ijumpfile This is a CSuite program located in /CS_LIB/mk-ipjumpfile

mk-ipjumpfile - builds the file CS_INFO/ips.html from CS_IBDB/IP-DIRS
This script is normally called by the cron program ipmaint after IP-DIRS is rebuilt.

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The script checks for a file in the ip directory and will not set the shortcut until a file is actually found.

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