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Jump Keys

Jump keys are used as shortcuts to access certain documents, IP areas, or programs that CSuite uses to function. The 'g' command is a jump key used to invoke the various supporting programs that CSuite uses such as TIN (gnews), PINE (gmail) or the random url generator.

A related 'i' command provides a shortcut to the IP areas carried on the freenet.

The jump links are contained in a file named jumps.html located in directory specified by $DOCUMENT_ROOT .

IMPORTANT: Each line of this file must be in alphabetical order including the header/comments which includes decreasing number of characters as shown below.

          ================== Begin Header ======================

       <!-- this file *must* be kept sorted, one entry per line -->
      <!-- hence the odd indentation on these lines -->
     <title>Shortcut List</title>
    <h1>Shortcut List</h1>
   Following is a list of shortcut names and the target links associated
  with them.  In lynx, pressing G followed by one of these shortcut names
 will take you directly to the destination.  This list will expand over time.

          =============== End Header Segment ===================

jumps.html is owned by root with group set to a restricted editing group largely composed of individuals with root privileges.

See also: IP_Jumpkeys

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