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NAME - Mailing List Administration


CSuite uses a series of shell scripts to create an interface through which the administration of mailing lists (creation and updating/modification) is handled. The creation of mailing lists is usually controlled by a (volunteer) mailing list administrator. The shell scripts provide, on a temporary basis, the necessary system/file privileges to permit the actual creation of files in restricted system areas.


Users request a new mailing list by using the browser to complete an on-line html/cgi form.

As distributed, CSuite is configured to reject forms that are not submitted by a user who is logged in to the community network. As a result a visitor accessing a community network site from the WWW is not permitted to submit a request.

The user is asked for:

Users are able to use html links to access additional information about the terminology and the information required for each selection.

After processing the request, the proposed owner of the mailing list is sent a mail message confirming receipt of the request.

If an Information Provider request is received from anyone other than the IP 'Webmaster', mail is also sent to this individuals requesting approval/confirmation of the request.


Creating a Mailing List

Requests for mailing lists are stored on the system in a /spool directory and the mailing list administrator is notified by e-mail of the request.

The mailing list administrator uses a html/cgi form interface to select requests for processing.

The mailing list administrator is presented with the information provided by the user and is able to edit/revise this information as appropriate. Typically this might involve an ammendment to the list name if, ( an example) the site has a policy of lower case letters separated by '-'s and the user submitted a request for a list named "My List" which would become "my-name".

The mailing list administrator is able to:

The mailing list administrator can if desired offer comments which are returned by email to the proposed list owner along with notification of the action taken. (I usually say "_good_luck"...;-)

Updating a Mailing List

***This is a new function, the script is currently (July 1996) being revised/tested***


The creation of mailing lists involves three shell scripts: Mailing list updates are handled by:


Documentation relating to mailing lists is available:

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