As long as a community network continues to struggle for survival it must devote the a large portion of it's activity to achieving sustainability. Sustainability brings a stability that allows the community net to concentrate more effort on communications, training and outreach.

Reliable Communications

A stable community network helps organizations plan and build. A stable community net assists in a variety of ways; promoting discussion or special events, seeking input or immediate feedback.

This communication reduces the need for supported organizations to invest in costly, special purpose technologies to reach a specific audience.

Training benefits

Community networks increase the general level of literacy and proficiency with computer mediated communications (CMC).

As a result, organizations and businesses gain access to a population with improved proficiency in CMC (...often quite advanced skills.)


A stable community network becomes an growing force in the community, seeking out new partnerships with government, business, and community groups of all descriptions. Installing public access terminals in public locations such as libraries and senior citizen homes creates new linkages and binds the community closer together.